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Red South Qualifer
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AAU Red South Qualifier/Raincross Invite

Meet Director: Kaeden Cogbill - 562-252-5917,

Hello Coaches!

        Here is the outline and schedule for the Coast Divers Halloween Invite at Riverside City College: 4800 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92501. The meet will take place March 18-19. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Group D Girls Platform (11 and Under)    

Group D Boys Platform (11 and Under)  

10-11 Girls 1m Novice  

10-11 Boys 1m Novice  

12-13 Girls 1m Novice    

12-13 Boys 1m Novice

Group C Boys 3m (12-13)    

Group C Girls 3m (12-13)

12-13 Girls Platform Novice

12-13 Boys Platform Novice

Men Platform        

Women Platform

Group D Boys 3m (11 and Under)

Group D Girls 3m (11 and Under)    

10-11 Girls 3m Novice    

10-11 Boys 3m Novice

Men 3m Springboard    

Women 3m Springboard

14-18 Boys 1m Novice    

Group A Boys 1m (16-18)

14-18 Girls Platform Novice

14-18 Boys Platform Novice

Group B Girls 3m (14-15)

14-18 Boys 3m Novice      

Group B Boys 1m (14-15)

14-18 Girls 1m Novice  

Group A Girls 1m (16-18)

Group D Girls 1m (11 and Under)    

Group D Boys 1m (11 and Under)  

10-11 Girls Platform Novice  

10-11 Boys Platform Novice    

12-13 Boys 3m Novice    

12-13 Girls 3m Novice  

Group C Girls Platform (12-13)  

Group C Boys Platform (12-13)    

Group C Girls 1m (12-13)    

Group C Boys 1m (12-13)  

14-18 Girls 3m Novice      

Group A Boys 3m (16-18)

Group B Boys Platform (14-15)    

Group B Girls Platform (14-15)  

Group A Girls 3m (16-18)    

Group B Girls 1m (14-15)

Women 1m Springboard      

Group A Boys Platform (16-18)    

Group B Boys 3m (14-15)

Group A Girls Platform (16-18)

Men 1m Springboard