The American International School of Bamako

Pre K 4

Teacher: Brenna Wongue

About the Class

Our number one goal is for the children to be happy in our class. We strive to make sure all children feel confident, have friends and feel like a member of the classroom. In terms of instruction, we use different teaching techniques such as differentiation to help our students become successful learners and to meet their individual needs. First, we introduce skills/concepts to the whole group, then we move on to small groups and learning centers, to allow for independent practice. In fun ways, each child is encouraged to work at his or her level of comfort and pacing.

Children’s Social and Emotional Development

Through their interaction with peers and modeling from teachers, children will continue to develop their problem-solving skills, learn to manage strong emotions, share and take turns, accurately identify emotions in themselves and others and show empathy to others.

Physical Development

Fine Motor Skills: Students will continue to develop the small muscles in their hands by engaging in activities, such as stringing beads, molding with play dough, painting and using writing and drawing tools.

Gross Motor Skills: Students have outdoor play opportunities during our break times and Physical Education periods. They will continue to build their gross motor skills through activities like bicycling, running, climbing, ball games, and more.

Learning in Language Arts

Students will continually be exposed to oral and written language. We will focus on:

I. Listening and Speaking

Student will:

  • Hear and discriminate the sounds of language
  • Identify rhyme and alliteration
  • Express self-using words and expanded sentences
  • Understand and follow oral directions
  • Retell, ask and answer questions
  • Communicate ideas
  • Actively participate in conversations

II. Reading and Writing

  • Enjoy and value reading
  • Demonstrate understanding of print concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet
  • Begin to use emerging reading skills
  • Comprehend and interpret meaning from books and other texts
  • Understand the purpose of writing
  • Express through writing
  • Write letters, name and words

Learning in Mathematics        

Students will explore math by engaging in dynamic, hand-on games and projects. We will focus on:

Numbers:  children learn about numbers by identifying numerals, counting objects to determine quantity and discussing the results.

Shapes: Children identify shapes of different colors and sizes, manipulate parts and wholes.

Spatial relations: Children flip and rotate objects and determine their location.

Patterns and Sorting: Children identify patterns of different colors and sizes, create objects, match, sort and chart.

Measurement: Children estimate and measure, compare and seriate.

Logic: Children solve problems

Learning in Social Studies and Science

Students will learn about their place in the world and learn about the world by observing and experimenting. Our units of study include:

Social Studies:

Me & My Family

Big Idea: Start the year off by creating a safe and welcoming learning environment.

Community Helpers

Big Idea: Dream big, play hard and learn together in this town helper theme.

Taking Care of Myself

Big Idea: Feeling loved and staying healthy, that’s what we need.


Down on the Farm

Big Idea: From sunrise to sunset, your child will love participating in the art and science of life on a farm.

Baby Animals

Big Idea: Celebrate growing and changing as children also think about how they grow during the year.

Nature Detectives

Big Ideas: Let’s discover the mystery in trees, air, water and dirt.


Students are assessed both formally and informally in and out of the classroom. We use different assessment methods such as, checklist, anecdotal notes, one-on-one interview, observation and so on. At the end of every quarter your child will receive a report card and Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year, in the first and third quarters.