Big Mouth Talent (CHI)                Management by Morgan (CHI)                

312-421-4400                        630-284-9648                                

Agent: Brooke Tonneman                Manager: Lisa Morgan                        

Julian Josip

SAG Eligible   DOB:  02/14/2000   HEIGHT: 5' 11"          WEIGHT: 165 lbs.  Eyes: Brown   Hair: Light Brown


Proven Innocent                                Young Clint                        Rashaad Ernesto Green, FOX Entertainment

Hope Springs Eternal                        Supporting                        Netflix Production

Striking                                        Parsley                                Avi Zephyra, CCC


Night of the Dragon                        Young Julian                          Julian Terry, Julian Terry Productions

Patrick Budde Music Video                Soccer Player                        William Sondheim, Northwestern University

Pop Stalkers                                Pop Star                                MBM Studios

Margaret and the Moon                        Julian                                Trevor Morgan, MBM Studios

Arson’s Kiss                                Young Ed                        Charles Mueller, DePaul University/Pixelero LLC

Bonfire                                        David                                Jon Oliver, Northwestern University

Radio                                          Young Larry                        Cody Packer, Columbia College

Big Time Music                                Nate                                Andy Bosnak, DePaul University

Lottery Lads                                Student                                David Brown, Northwestern University


A Chorus Line                                Mike Costa                        Carney/Men Ca, Cole Seaton (vocals) ETHS

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                Demetrius                         Bea Rashid, Evanston Dance Ensemble

Graduation Ball (2)                        Cadet                                 Bea Rashid, Evanston Dance Ensemble

Jesus Christ Superstar                        Dance Corps                         Tom Sollers, ETHS

Yamo! Musical Comedy Revue                Acting Company                         Timothy Herbert, ETHS

The Wiz                                        Dance Corps                        Men Ca & Tom Sollers, ETHS

Pippin, the Musical                        Dance Corps & Fight Choreographer        Men Ca & Tom Sollers, ETHS

Piven Performance Project                        Youth Ensemble                        Joyce Piven, Joanne Underwood (2 yrs)

The Grapes of Wrath, Opera                 Super                                Michael Ehrman, Northwestern University

Alice in Wonderland                        Gryphon & Puffin                        Bea Rashid, Evanston Dance Ensemble

The Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe                        Peter                                Bea Rashid, Evanston Dance Ensemble


Vocals with Mr. Cole Seaton                                pre-show Private Coaching

Voiceover with Jeff Lupetin                                Actors Training Center

Acting (Shurtleff)                                                Actors Training Center

On-Camera/Acting Casting Director        Workshops with:                Dennis LaValle, Howard Meltzer, Amber Horn, Charlene Lee,
                                                        Brandon H. Rodriquez, Krisha Bullock, Brittany Smith, & Sarah  Clark

Private Acting Coaching (ongoing)                                MBM Management by Morgan/ Lisa Morgan (4 yrs.)

On Camera/Voiceover Camp                                The Green room Studio

On Screen Workshop                                        The Green Room Studio

Theatre 1,2 &3 &4 Adv. Theatre, Honors: Playwriting & Acting        Evanston Township High School. Fine Arts (3 yrs.)

Improv, Stage Combat, Adv. Scene Study, & Shakespeare                Piven Theatre Workshop (3 yrs.)


Elements Contemporary Ballet, Apprentice                        Mike Gosney, Director

Evanston Dance Ensemble                                        Pre-Professional Dance Company (3 yrs.)

Ballet/Contemporary Ballet, Partnering/ Jazz/Modern/Tap                 Dance Center Evanston, Gus Giordano, & Foster Dance (11 yrs.)

Stunting:  Wire Workshop; Fight Choreo                        ACADEMY OF MOVEMENT ARTS AND SCIENCES, LA

Comedy/Improv Camp/Teen Improv                        Piccolo Theatre, Tony Lowry

Tumbling                                                The Actors Gymnasium (3 yrs.)

Driver’s License, U.S. Passport.