Google Chrome
Student Setup Guide at Home on Personal Devices

  1. Install Google Chrome on your computer
  2. Open Google Chrome on your deviceGoogleChromeLogo.jpg
  3. Type in “chrome://chrome-signin” into the address bar (omnibox)
  4. Log in using your school email address which is (e.g. and your network password

  5. At the Virginia Beach City Public Schools login page, once again, use your school email address which is 
    (e.g. and your school network password.
    Note: If you don’t know your password, ask your teacher to reset it.

  1. Select “Create a new profile”  The top-right corner of the window should now have your ID number or name.ChromeSignIn6.PNG

  1. All of the student’s bookmarks should appear on the Bookmarks Bar.
  2. Use the “Student Bookmarks” Folder link to access all the bookmarks to Clever, Schoology etc.