Giving People the Tools to Succeed

Douglas County Libraries provide excellent customer service. This is attributable to several factors. In general, we provide clear expectations; the support of training, mentoring and continuing education; and the accountability of regular self- and supervisor review.

For specific positions, we provide:

• Clear job descriptions, provided by administration in consultation with staff

• Job standards created and reviewed by supervisors

• Thoughtful recruitment and hiring practices

• Initial training and orientation

• An assigned “mentor”

• Initial 6 month evaluation

• based on a form which closely follows job standards

• begins with a self-evaluation

• reviewed by supervisor

• An annual evaluation (same components)

• Ongoing training and educational opportunities, paid for or subsidized by

the district (professional conferences, local workshops)

• Financial reward and recognition: monetary, title, responsibilities

For committees, we establish:

• District committee charges, reviewed annually by managers

• Annual evaluation of district committees — report to district roundtable

• Accomplishments

• Structural review: what worked and what didn’t

• Number of meetings

• Membership

• Budget issues for following year

• Other

• Branch committees, evaluated by managers and co-workers on ongoing basis

Assessing Staff Performance Douglas County Libraries in conjunction with Arapahoe Library District

AGENDA FOR THE JOINT BOARD ASSESSMENT Arapahoe Library District Douglas County Libraries September 21, 2002

8:30 - 9:00 Continental Breakfast

9:00 - 9:30 Welcome and introduction

Importance of Volunteer Board Members Assessing boards as important, and similar to, assessing staff Review of assessment instruments

9:30 - 9:45 Self assessment exercise – for private use only

Board assessment exercise – to be shared

9:45 - 10:15 Together, develop 4 lists

What we do well and must maintain (a list for each library) What need improvement or focus (a list for each library)

10:15 - 10:30 Break

10:30 - 11:15 Goals resulting from “What needs improvement or focus”

11:15 - 11:45 Benefits of being a trustee

11:45 Wrap up

12:00 Adjourn

Joint Board Assessment Agenda; Page 2 Arapahoe Library District in conjunction with Douglas County Libraries



TRUSTEE SCORECARD Please check the box for those statements you are in total agreement with.

[ ] I know the District’s Mission Statement and am aware of the Vision Statement and Seven Key Strategic

Directions and Long Range Plan.

[ ] I am familiar with the board's goals.

[ ] I am familiar with library law as it applies to my library district.

[ ] I am familiar with the board’s bylaws and District policies.

[ ] I attend board and luncheon meetings regularly.

[ ] I attend committee meetings and effectively participate in the committee process.

[ ] I come to meetings having already read the information relevant to that meeting.

[ ] I understand and am comfortable with the board’s decision-making process during meetings.

[ ] I willingly abide by majority board decisions and support it publicly.

[ ] I treat other board members with respect and listen carefully to their opinions.

[ ] I understand and respect the different roles and duties of the library director and the trustee board.

[ ] I route my requests of staff through the library director.

[ ] I encourage and support the library director in achieving our organization’s goals.

[ ] I visit my library frequently enough to be thoroughly familiar with services and to see potential


[ ] I am a member of a civic organization.

[ ] I am a library advocate to civic groups, community organizations and public officials.

[ ] I keep abreast of legislation and the impacts it has on the library community.

[ ] I have established a relationship with my local and state representatives and discuss library issues

with them advocating for their support.

[ ] I belong to a state or national library organization and have read issues of state or national

library organization journals over the past six months.

[ ] I continually educate myself and have attended at least one library conference or workshop

this year.

(If each checked box represents 5 points – all boxes checked would equal 100.)

71. Strengths: List your most important contributions to the board in both action and discussion over the past year. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Weaknesses: What do you think you haven’t done well or need to do better? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Accomplishments: Note here what you came on the board to accomplish. What would success look like? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Opportunities: List areas where you need more information, knowledge or skill in order to meet your own performance expectations. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Detail how you can acquire these needs:

I will ask my director about... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I will talk to another trustee about.... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TRUSTEE SCORECARD for Board President Please check the box for those statements you are in total agreement with.

 Keeps the board operating effectively, while working with all board members and key contacts.

Works closely and cooperatively with the Library Director.

Handles matters diplomatically, troubleshooting to identify potential problems and issues.

Remembers that they are only one member of the board, does not act alone.

Leads the board as a whole as well as individual members. Delegates. Listens.

Effectively presides over board meetings.

Oversees committees, selecting appropriate committee leaders and monitoring their work.

TRUSTEE SCORECARD for Board Vice - President Please check the box for those statements you are in total agreement with.

Developing leadership skills to use if/when assuming the position of president.

Supports the President in his efforts to lead.

Is prepared to take over for the president at anytime if required.

Remembers that they are only one member of the board, does not act alone.

TRUSTEE SCORECARD for Board Secretary Please check the box for those statements you are in total agreement with.

Knowledgeable of the board's statutory authority, bylaws and operating policies as well as parliamentary procedure.

Takes responsibility for the board minutes, ensuring that they are a clear, concise and factual record of the meeting.

Oversees the keeping of member attendance records.

Oversees all correspondence on behalf of the board.

Remembers that they are only one member of the board, does not act alone. TRUSTEE SCORECARD for Board Treasurer Please check the box for those statements you are in total agreement with.

Understands financial accounting.

Serves as chairperson for the board finance committee.

Oversees the budget process and dissemination of information to the board on budget matters.

Reviews the annual audit.

Remembers that they are only one member of the board, does not act alone.


Instructions: Please rank the following items with 5 being “most definitely” and 1 being “no/never”

If your Board has standing committees:

The Board ...






is effective in using its committee structure to accomplish its work.

has established, clear, written guidelines for committees.

has a method in place for the recruitment and recommendation of trustees for open positions.

has a method in place for new board member orientation and ongoing board member training.

stays abreast of the financial status of the library and its funding sources.

sets the direction for the library through planning.

has adopted a mission statement for the library and uses it to drive planning choices.

reviews and adopts the budget.

adopts the budget after the annual planning is complete.

ensures that the budget covers goals and objectives set during the planning process.

evaluates the library director annually based on the success of set goals and/or expectations.

feels free to communicate problems to the director in a timely manner.

requires regular written updates from the director on progress toward the annual plan and goals.

is familiar with state and federal laws governing libraries. The board has established bylaws to oversee its governance.

has established clear policies to govern and guide library operations.

continually reviews and updates the library’s policies.

pays more attention to the ends than the means – to what will be accomplished versus how it will be done.

safeguards the public’s First Amendment/Intellectual Freedom rights by protecting freedom of access, while also being open to the public’s comments.

is aware of patron privacy protections under State law and ensures through its policies that patron information is kept confidential.

is representative of the community of patrons it serves.

is politically active, advocating for libraries in the public policy arena.

effectively represents the library to the community.

annually assesses its own performance.

receives information needed to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

allows time at each meeting for discussion of emerging issues and trends.

encourages open discussion and expression of dissenting opinions during board meetings.

speaks with one voice after a vote is taken.

recognizes and thanks staff and volunteers for their accomplishments.

projects a positive internal image.

projects a positive external image.


The Short Version

  1. What have I done well over this past year?

  2. What has the board done well over this past year?

  3. What area of skill, knowledge, or action would I like to improve?

  4. What are of skill, knowledge, or action should the board improve?