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Digital Discussion & Collaboration Tools

Asynchronous May take place during class time or at students’ own pace

Google Classroom

  • Creating a Discussion Board in Google Classroom
  • Once a student responds, they will see all students’ responses and can then add threaded comments. Students also have the option of adding items to their post to share with others and gather feedback.

Free full access during school closures

Voicethread is a collaborative learning space, perfect for distance learning. Upload media, (video slides, documents etc.) and

present each slide by recording audio. Share thread url and students can add text, audio or video comments, as they view, like a conversation. Students need to create an account to comment. Also offers a drawing tool and the ability to add audio within video.

Digital debate platform

Synchronous Best if takes place during class time

Simple to use synchronous discussion tool. Like a private Twitter chat. No student sign-in required.

Upload video, invite students to room, and all have the ability to add comments while watching the video.

Independent student Learning Platforms including student sign on and assessment

Complete digital lessons & aligned Assessment

Multimedia Text with aligned Assessment

Full free access during school closures. Also offers collaborative annotation features.

Free premium access. 3-6 minute Lexile leveled NPR podcasts with read along text. Comprehension aligned assessments. Import student rosters from google classroom.

Best for ELA & Social Studies

Video Conferencing Tools

Google Meet

Zoom Meetings

Virtual (Math) Class

Via Chris Kirkland! Using Desmos & Jamboard within a Meet.

Classroom Video Calls, You Can Do This, Here’s How via Matt Miller

Vlog Brothers

11 Little Tips for Better Video Chat

Screencasting Tools


How to Use Flipgrid to Make Screencast Videos

Everything you need to know about creating a great screencast video

Five Step Guide to Making Instructional Videos

Bellringers/Engage Prompts & Tools

Popular TV and Movie video clips

Via Matt Miller

Using Pear Deck to create bell ringer activities.

Quick synchronous collaborative feedback/brainstorming tool. Create a prompt in Answer Garden (Make sure to change character limit to 40 & add your email for later access). Share URL with students and their responses appear in a word cloud.

How to Use Mentimeter for Online Teaching

interactive presentation, Assessment & Feedback Tools

Add assessment to slide presentations. Can be used synchronously or in student paced mode.

Add assessment questions to video

I've (Deb) found this tool extremely helpful in seeing students' work as they’re working. PTHS has been granted pro access.

Robust assessment and feedback whiteboard tool.

Google Forms

Always Interested Instruction and Assessment Tools

Tools shared here include: Learning Playlist Creation; Multiplayer Games; Independent Assessment; Presentation with Assessment; Collaborative Feedback; Reflection; Video Assessment; Virtual Discussions; Surveys; Student Portfolios; and Digital Badges.

Collaborative curation, annotation and Mind mapping Tools

Robust curation tool, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Free always. Download extension to bookmark directly from your browser.

Collaborative mind mapping tool, with ability to add multimedia links. Robust free version.

Collaborative Annotation Tool. Free always.

Collaborative Video Annotation Tool. Free always.

Creation Tools

Large range of creation options (presentations, infographics, timelines, animations) including the ability to record audio within all creations and whiteboard tool.

Canva for Education: Free Pro Subscriptions for Educators

Collaborative video editing tool. We’ve been granted premium school access. Students can sign in with their school email and password 123456

Productivity Tools

Print Friendly PDF

Extension allows one click PDF creation of a webpage. Great for sharing with students. I use this one all the time.

How to Annotate Screen Capture Images

How to Quickly Change Slides Into a Video


Present Google Slides with Captions

Distance Learning Tips & Procedures

Google for Education Products

Robust Resource via Matt Miller

Distance Learning, Remote Learning & E-Learning


Learning Menus/

Choice Boards

Stanford Online High School

Creating an Online Classroom

Digital Portfolios for Remote Learning

Google Classroom

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google Classsroom

Innovation Bits & Bytes

Virtual PBL

Backward Design PBL model via Ross Cooper & Erin Murphy

Distance Learning Plan

Catlin Tucker

Tips for Designing an Online aLearning Experience Using the 5 E’s Instructional Model

John Spencer

7 Big Ideas as You Shift to Online Learning

4 Blog Posts via Larry Ferlazzo re. Distance Learning including apathy, participation, vulnerable students and motivation.

Cross Curricular Information Sources

Library Subscription

Research Databases

Quality information resources for students and teachers. Please share with students when doing any kind of academic research. Passwords have been sent out to staff and students via a Google doc titled “PTHLibrary Subscription Databases”.

News Sources

  • Proquest US Dailies Trial  Available until May 17, 2020. A searchable interface for daily coverage, (content is available by 8am each day and provides archives stretching as far back as 1985) for Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.
  • NY Times: PTHS subscribes to IP authenticated Access, which means that we are limited to access while at school. In order for you and your students to get free access at home, see Free NYtimes Access, Invite Your Students
  • Sifting Through the Corona Virus Pandemic Method and tutorials for evaluating news sources via Mike Caulfield, a digital literacy expert passionate about the combatting mis and disinformation.

Coronavirus Resources

Updated Daily

Free access e-book access. Search for resources by topic, (top right). Search for Pequannock Township HS.

User Idea: pequannock

Password: pequannock

Jersey Clicks (Ebsco) Ebook HS Collection Click on hyperlink.

Research ready ebook collection.

Curated Videos available for free during school closures

Engaging Multimedia Text Sources

Text with Aligned Assessment; Multimedia Text Sets, Podcasts, Special Interest Text Sources; Special Interest Video Sources


Video Sources

General and by subject area.

Science Specific Learning Resources

Science in the Classroom

Advanced HS students. Annotated research papers with educator guides.

Learning experiences accompanying Science Friday Podcasts


Robust life science resource

Chemistry games.

Free access to live and archived industry chats through May.

Geo Inquiries

Environmental Science 15 minute map based inquiries.

Simulations library. Extended full access trial for school closures.

Personalized labs that grade themselves. Free for the remainder of the school year.

Teach, learn & access data literacy. To request unlimited access email

Pro access included in 90 day free trial.

The Concord Consortium

Interactive STEM activities

High Adventure Science

Modules requiring argument construction

PBS Resource

Personalized Practice & Assessment Tool

We’ve been granted free access.

Britannica Launch Pads

We've been granted access. E-mail me (Deb) for login information, since I'm restricted from publishing it here.

The Physics Classroom

Peer reviewed science research adapted for students. Majority are at HS level, even though the term "kids" seems younger.

Online labs. 90 Day Trial.

Citizen Science


People powered research platforms

History Specific Learning Resources

Robust news literacy platform including individual student logins with teacher evaluation and feedback.

NEW: Checkology is now free to use forever!!

Video conference with a journalist. I’ve been in contact with their representative and they would love to make this happen, especially with school closures. If interested I will coordinate!

DPLA Exhibitions

Primary source sets

LOC Today in History

Curation of interesting writing about America’s past. Click on index to see theme based collections and create your own. Keep in mind that many of these articles are arguments.

Complete project based curricula.

Historical Op-Eds

Argument writing prompts with aligned evidence

Weekly podcast that uses current events in America to take a deep dive into our past.

Britannica Launch Pads

We've been granted access. E-mail me (Deb) for login info, since I'm restricted from publishing it here.

C3 Inquiries

Geo Inquiries

15 minute map based activities.

US Census

Resource list including learning activities

Ken Burns in the Classroom

The NYTimes Learning Network Social Studies

Historical Primary Sources

Source list

Lesson Plan & Learning Experience Sources

Complete list of sources.

Math Learning Resources

Math in the News

A new math question related to current events every day shared via Twitter.

Would You Rather

Choose a path and justify it!

Expii Solve

Interactive math puzzles shown through current events and pop culture

Remote Learning with Knowledge Hook

Collaborative math application. Free trial until July.

Common Sense Review

Geometry Learning resource

Delta Math

Math and science simulations. 60 day trial.

Inside Mathematics

Daily Challenges

Mathigon Overview

Carnegie Learning

Request free access to Mathia

Personalized Practice & Assessment Tool

Free access for school closures

Open Middle

Challenging Math Problems worth solving

World language Learning Resources

Fluent Key

Free pro subscriptions

Apply for free access

Free 90 Day Yabla Subscription

Campus Diffusion


News in Slow Spanish


Voces Digital Classroom

Spanish, French & ESL

Music Learning Resources

Song Exploder

Musicians share how their songs were made

The Electric Typewriter

35 Great articles and essays about music

Ear Sketch

Learn to code while creating music

Band Lab


Remote learning with free access to Flat for education


Interactive Music Theory

Music Theory

Math, Science, Music

Includes a variety of innovative, interactive platforms.

How to teach our music class online

Sound Slice

Soundslice teacher accounts, which let you share interactive music lessons with students, are available by emailing

ELA Learning Resources

Tips for Using NoRedInk Remotely

Collaborative game based narrative writing tool. Free for school closures.

Complete project based curricula.

Our Corona Diary

Instagram project

The NYTimes Learning Network ELA

Poetry Resources

Engaging Multimedia Text Sources

Text with Aligned Assessment; Multimedia Text Sets, Podcasts, Special Interest Text Sources; Special Interest Video Source.

EBook & AudioBook Options

Social reading platform. Public domain ebooks available for free use.  Quick Demo

The Pequannock Public Library

Library Card number and pin required. Email for card and pin requests.

Ebook Offers

User Idea: pequannock Password: pequannock

Read to You Books

Username: tumble2020

Password: A3b5c6

E-book reading platform. (Best for ELL)

Audio Books

AP Learning Resources

Marco Learning

Test Prep

Khan Academy

Learning Express

Free access for PTHS granted through Ebsco

Summit Learning

Complete project based curricula.

Bedford, Freeman & Worth


ICivics AP GOV

College Board

Remote Learning Resources