Collections creates new, collaborative ways to share free or purchased resources. Use the Destiny Options Navigation to click on Collections:

Browse through the Featured (recommended or Public Collections). To make your own click on Private->Create a Collection

1. Give your Collection a Title /Description and determine the visibility level

Add a Grade/Subject and Choose an Image/Color (if desired).

Step 2: Click Create

Step 3: Add an Item

URL: Any web link

Upload: Any file/document from Google Drive or OneDrive (not from a device)

Note: A note about the collection

Collections: You can add any other collection you created to combine them

Playlist: Add in Titles to create a loop (slideshow)

Import: Import a Resource List

Step 4: Add Books

Search for Books you want to add in the search box, and when the title is open, click on the Add to Collection. Destiny gives you the option of adding to the one you want.

When finished, you have the option to Share your Collection to make it public with a link or private to certain individuals.  You can also edit it, Add Standards (including Common Core, Next Generation Science, New York).

You can also create a PDF to share with teachers and students: