Organizing Action Items 

State and regional leaders will be working with volunteers to network with groups and individuals encouraging them to join our Movement for a People’s Party (MPP) coalition. Besides coalition building, there are other actions you can do to help make a people’s party a reality.

Find where you fit best and jump in!

  1. Volunteer and Sign Up

  1. Build the coalition
  1. This is mainly the responsibility of State Leaders
  2. MPP Ambassadors can help by letting your State or Regional leads know if the groups you are meeting with are open to a major new party for working people.


      3.   Host meetings and events mainly role of the Regional Leaders

  1. Gather up some progressives and spread the word by hosting: chapter meetings, house parties, campus meetings, barnstorms, or community events such as farmer’s markets or fairs.
  2. Homes make the best places to host meetings. Restaurants and library meeting rooms make good places, too.

       4.   Plan MPP informational gatherings Regional Leaders

  1. These are small, local grassroots meetings to educate others about MPP.
  2. Ask your national leader to connect you with others in your area.

        5.  Events Coordinator

  1. We want all volunteers to be looking for and sharing progressive events on our events map at (meeting, rallies, marches, etc.). There are many events going on across the country, so we are looking for events coordinators in each state to research and post progressive events.

         6.  Post MPP flyers and stickers in public spaces

  1. On college campuses, community centers, public libraries and bulletin boards. Post them everywhere. The more stickers and flyers people see as they go about their day, the more buzz it will generate.
  2. Become an Ambassador and help promote MPP in this way.

          7.  Hold tabling events

  1. Reserve a spot at a weekly market or community event.
  2. Get together with a fellow MPP volunteer, talk to people and educate them about our movement. Have flyers available.

          8.   Make videos, signs, murals or take pictures

          9.   Phone banking for our endorsed candidates

        10.  Canvassing for our endorsed candidates

        11.  Write to activist groups  

  1. Write short emails or letters to activist groups from whom you receive emails such as environmental groups, state universal healthcare groups, consumer groups, immigrants’ rights groups, tax fairness groups, groups against waging war, etc. Explain how the formation of a people’s party would help advance their cause and ask them to sign on.

12.  Write an op-ed

  1. Submit it to an online publication or local newspaper. Combine the facts and figures in our briefing doc and the MPP Press Release with why it’s important to you personally.
  2. Take it to the airwaves by contacting local radio stations.

13.  Reach out to journalists, unions, and other prominent progressives

  1. Send them a short email asking if they’d like to speak to us, especially if you know them or have a connection.
  2. Comment on their social media posts. The more they hear from us, the more interested they’ll become in our movement.

14.  Online outreach

  1. Connect with others who believe in progressive ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Inform them about our movement for a people’s party. Let them know we have state and regional leaders who will contact them if they’d like to join our movement.

15.  Social media outreach    

  1. Many volunteers are more comfortable posting to Facebook than attending meetings. We need volunteers in social media outreach and spreading the message of a progressive coalition party across the digital world. If volunteers are admins on any FB pages, they could help post our content there as well as on their personal timelines.
  2. Volunteers can share information and articles from our national FB page, Movement for a People's Party and our national FB group, #ForAPeoplesParty: Join the Movement. Volunteers should make posts keeping these overriding themes in mind: independents and millennials are the largest voting block, the electorate needs to be accurately referred to as “the progressive majority,” we need a “major new party” or people’s party or viable national party (not a third party), we need a coalition to achieve new party status and our main goal is getting rid of the corrupting influence of corporate and billionaire money.


We’re an all-volunteer campaign that will never accept contributions from billionaires and corporations. Make a donation here.

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