Buffet Style Dinner


House Baked Bread and Butter (pick one):

Sourdough Loaf w/ salted butter

Challah Braid w/ honey butter

Salads (pick one):

Local Green Salad

Coconut ranch dressing, red onion, seasonal vegetables, crispy shallots, white cheddar

Radish Caesar Salad

Bagna cauda-lime dressing, sheep's milk gouda, croutons, togarashi, dill

Spicy Coleslaw

Nappa slaw, michigan apples, kimchi dressing, sesame seeds

Vegetable Sides (pick two):

Roasted Carrots

charred local carrots, tahini-lemon dressing, almonds, scallions

Potato Salad

Roasted lemon vinaigrette, fennel, mustard seed, garlic, dill

Egg Salad

Grebiche style dressing, herbs, onion

Baked Beans

Michigan beans, pork broth, smoky sauce

Corn Spoon Bread

Sweet corn pudding, chinese chive

Local Grain Salad

Fermented vegetables, herb vinaigrette, herbs

Entrees (pick one):

Braised or Smoked Michigan Beef

Horseradish cream, pickled red onions

Smoked Whole Chicken

Seasonal pesto, fresh herbs

Pulled Meat (choice of pork or chicken)

Dry spiced, BBQ sauce

Grilled Whole Side of Salmon

Koji rubbed, spicy szechuan sauce

Whole Roasted Pork Loin

Cherry-olive jam, pickled mustard seed

Local Leg of Lamb (+5/pp)

Tzatziki, chimichurri, olive relish

Roasted Michigan Beef or Lamb Prime Cut (+10/pp)

Herbed creme fraiche, dijon dressed potatoes

Mapo Tofu (vegan option)

Spicy Michigan mushrooms, coconut barley

Optional ADD ONs ($12/pp includes buns and condiments)

Homemade All Beef Hot Dogs

Dry Aged Beef Burger with cheese selection

Smoked Pork Kielbasa

Dessert (pick one):

Almond Financier

Seasonal fruit, whipped cream

Pot Du Creme

Chocolate pudding, feuilletine crumble

Bread Pudding

Caramel  sauce, pecans

Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Whipped cream

 Passed Appetizers (additional cost):

Pickled Shrimp Crostini (+2/pp)

Local shrimp, corn butter, pickled chile, dill

Rillette Crostini (+2/pp)

Pickled seasonal vegetables, pickled mustard seed

Whipped Chevre Crostini (+2/pp)

Seasonal preserve, toasted nuts

House Dumplings (+5/pp)

Beef filling, pickled pickled seasonal vegetables, Michigan roe

Beef Lengua Wraps (+3/pp)

Braised beef, charred onions, napa slaw, crispy onions

House Sausage Bao (+5/pp)

Steamed bread wrapped around house made seasonal sausage

Spicy Duck Wings (+5/pp)

Confit wings, smokey bbq, pickled fennel, cilantro

Marrow Fritter (+3/pp)

Savory grougere, local bone marrow, onion jam

Chickpea Panisse (+3/pp)

Thai chile romesco, toasted almonds

Thai Pork Sausage (+4/pp)

Bulgogi sauce, peanuts, pickled carrots