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                                  Rowayton School Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate all members of our diverse community to achieve their fullest potential in a safe, nurturing and mutually respectful environment. We strive to foster responsibility and independence, to develop social mindfulness, and to provide the foundation for growth beyond our community.




Mr. Rob Pennington



Mrs. Nancy Caron



Mrs. Maryanne Carriera



Mrs. Barbara Essig


Social Worker

Ms. Stephanie Edwards



Before/After School Program

Writing Coach

Science Coach

Mrs. Eva Caputo

Mrs. Kathy Msaad

Mrs. Abby Maxwell

Dr. Monique Bartling




Mrs. Mary Cambareri

   Mrs. Betsy Gonzalez



Ms. Gianna Fiorentini

   Mrs. Liette Bechervaise



Mrs. Kate Maurais

   Mr Brandon Scicchitano    

Mrs. Penny Tsiartsianidis

    Mrs. Criss Kuchta





Grade 1

Ms.  Chelsea Boersma

Mrs. Maureen Hitchcock



Mrs. Vicki Sinnicki


Mrs. Eileen Strycharz

Mrs. Faith Fernandes

Mrs. June Waldecker




Grade 2

Ms. Kathleen Hellrigel


Ms. Lisa LaRusso


Mrs. Tammy Malkin


Mrs. Liz Pippa


Grade 3

Mrs. Alex Kaminski


Ms. Beth Olson


Mrs. Alison Telesca


Grade 4

Mrs. Mary Kruseski


Mrs. Melissa Petropoulos


Mrs. Tina Saunders


Ms.  Lindsay Ward


Grade 5

Ms. Denise Baril


Ms. Rachel Scicchitano

Mrs. Kelly Shipman

Ms. Jeannine Wax




Special Education

Mrs. Danielle Tagariello

Ms.  Megan Billmeyer



SPED Aides

Mrs. Frances Iacono


Mr. Josh Carswell


Ms. Shenika McRae


Ms. Vanessa Trujillo

Mrs. Jen Herford



Mr. Jeff Waggaman

Ms. Amanda Dingwall




SPED Resource

Mrs. Eileen Madaffari


SPED Resource

Ms. Maura Fried



Physical Ed.

Mrs. Kerry Rice

Mr. Dave Liberatore




Ms. Amanda Violone




Mr. John Skelton

Mr. Anthony Nunes




Ms. Amanda Antunes



Ms. Jennifer Mendez



Mrs. Erin D’Elia


E.L.L. Teacher

Ms. Liz Griffin


E.L.L. Aide




Mrs. Kathy Msaad


Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist

Mrs. Linda Johnson

Mrs. Melanie Fieffe

Ms. Laurie Dubin

Ms. Laura Arduino




Resource Aides

Ms. Ana Ramirez


Mrs. Gemma Vitiello

Ms. Doris Velez

Ms. Yanique Whynes





School opening and closing times vary as noted below:

Regular Day


Opening (2 hour)


Dismissal (2 hour)

Conference Night & Early Dismissal (90 minute)






The school opens at 8:50 a.m. Students are expected to be in their classroom for the start of class at 9:05 a.m. Before and after school programs are available and described in a later section. Students can enter the building through the main front door or the side door at the drop-off circle. At 9:05 a.m., all doors will be locked and students and visitors must ring the main front door doorbell and get approved through the Main Office for entry. To ensure school safety, parents and visitors must report to the Main Office upon entering the building and will receive a visitor badge to wear for the duration of their visit. No parents or visitors should be in the school without a scheduled appointment and a visitor’s pass.

For the first week of school, parents and guardians of Kindergarten children only, may accompany them to the classroom for the first week of school. Parents and guardians of students in grades 1-5 can accompany students on the first day (parents must get a name tag). After the first day, all students in grades 1-5 will enter and leave the building unaccompanied by an adult. 

Throughout the school year, there are district-wide planned early dismissal days to accomodate for parent/teacher conference nights. The Norwalk Public Schools calendar is available online and sent home at the start of the year. On occasion, due to weather or other unexpected circumstances a delayed opening or early dismissal will be announced via email, phone and/or text to the parent/ guardian on file for each child through PowerSchool. Please be sure your contact information is up to date and accurate at the start of the year.


In case of inclement weather, the announcement of a delayed opening or school closing will be made on the Norwalk Public School Hotline (203) 854-4123, local TV Cable News Channel 12, and the following radio stations:

WICC   600  AM        WEFX    95.9  FM        WEZN      99.9  FM

WLAD   800  AM        WKHL    96.7  FM        WFAS    103.9 FM

WFAS  1230  AM        WDAQ  98.3  FM  

Parents should plan with their children in advance where they will go in case of inclement weather early dismissal.


The school schedule rotates on a four-day schedule (A, B, C, D) with different special programs. The classroom teachers will provide the schedule for their class to parents at the start of school and can offer information about daily activities (i.e., lunch, recess, etc.).  Please check the annual Norwalk School District calendar for the schedule of school holidays, early dismissals, winter and spring recess, etc. Parents should plan with children in advance where they will go on early dismissal days. The last day of school may change depending on the number of school days canceled and required makeup days.


When your child is absent, call the school at (203) 899-2940 and press # 9 to reach the Absence Line.  Leave a detailed message regarding your child’s absence.  Messages are checked frequently and your child’s teacher will be notified.  An explanatory note from a parent/guardian is required upon return to school. In order for an absence to be “excused”, the parent/guardian must communicate the reason for the absence to the school in a timely fashion, and the absence must be for health reasons. All vacations while school is session are “unexcused” absences.

After five unexcused absences, a letter will be sent home to parents.  After ten unexcused absences, a meeting with the school staff and the child’s parents will be convened.  Students who are chronically absent from school are not only losing the benefit of instruction, but may also be violating state law.  In such cases, school officials are required to inform the Superior Court of excessive absences, and both the student and his/her parents may be subject to legal sanctions.  Chronic absenteeism may also result in disciplinary action and a hearing at the Board of Education, under Board Policy 5114-A.

If your child is injured or has a communicable disease, also notify the nurse at extension 43107.  After certain communicable diseases, a note from the doctor is required upon return to school. If it appears a child will be out sick for a long time, please call the teacher and request work to be sent home.


If any child arrives after the 9:05 a.m. bell in the morning, the child must proceed alone directly to the classroom.  The student will be marked as tardy.


Rowayton School uses an application called PickUp Patrol to help better manage the dismissal process and make it easier for you to make changes to your children’s dismissal plans.

Rather than providing a written note or phone call to the school, PickUp Patrol automates the process, saving time and reducing interruptions in the classroom — while giving the convenience and flexibility needed to make changes to your children’s plans. All student information is protected, and the program is administered directly by our staff.

You will receive an email with registration instructions to set up your password. Be sure to register right away, because the link will expire soon.

Once you’ve registered, please start using PickUp Patrol for reporting all plan changes and absences. You will get a flyer from the classroom teacher with sign-up details.

Once registered a “default” plan can be set in PickUp Patrol. For any changes to their regular dismissal plan, PickUp Patrol entries can be modified by the day(s) needed in advance until 2:30 p.m. on the day of the change. It is helpful to also notify your child’s teacher directly in advance if you plan to pick-up your child before the regular dismissal time, via PickUp Patrol.  The assigned adult must come to the Main Office to sign out the child; the office will then call the classroom for dismissal.


Please arrange for play dates prior to the beginning of the school day.  If there is a change in pick-up, entries can be modified until 2:30 p.m. to guarantee the teacher’s notification.  For safety purposes, please indicate on PickUp Patrol who the person picking up will be.  Your child should know the plan ahead of time.


All phone calls regarding your child will be placed on the teacher’s voice mail system.  Any play dates, early pick-ups or bus arrangements should be made prior to the beginning of the school day on PickUp Patrol. Appointments to see the teacher should be made in advance through their voice mail system or email.


Immediately notify the school if a child’s address or phone number changes. It is imperative that we be able to contact you in case of illness or another emergency.  


A sign is posted at each entrance instructing all visitors and parents to report directly to the Main Office upon entering the building.  For security purposes, all exterior doors will remain locked during school hours.  Entrance must be made through the front entrance during school hours. Norwalk uses the Raptor Visitor Management system at every school. A web-based software application, Raptor provides an effective, consistent system for tracking visitors in and out of our schools. Visitors to at Rowayton are asked to provide an official ID (once), which will be submitted through the Raptor system.  All visitors must register in the school office by signing in and out as well as obtaining a Visitor’s ID Pass.

In order to protect the safety and welfare of children while under the supervision of the school, visitors are expected to leave promptly when their business is completed.  This also protects the school from the risk of liability from unauthorized visitors.


Fire drills are required by law at regular intervals and are an important safety precaution. When the signal is given it is essential that all students obey the teacher and evacuate the building in a quiet and orderly fashion to the designated area and await further instruction.  In the event of an actual emergency, staff members have been made aware of the evacuation plan for our school.  It is imperative that the office has updated phone numbers so parents can be notified upon implementation of the plan.


Lost and found is located in the cafeteria. Any fragile items found are held in the office. Please check for missing items.  All unclaimed items are given away at the end of each season to homeless shelters in the area.


All classrooms at Rowayton School are connected to the Internet.  Parents and children will be given information on the school’s responsible use policy.  The policy explains how proper use of the Internet is essential to all who use it in the school system.  Without a parent's permission, the student will not have access to the educational information available on the Internet.



The district employs a full-time nurse to determine the health needs of all students in order to remove health-related barriers to education. The nurse provides emergency care for illnesses or injuries as well as administering first aid and any needed medications ordered by your child’s healthcare provider. The nurse also maintains health records and performs vision, hearing and scoliosis screening as needed.  The nurse is a member of the Special Education team and helps to provide special care to students with special needs and students requiring other services.



For a student to receive any medication, including over the counter medication such as Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup, etc. during the school day, there must be a medication form on file signed by a doctor and a parent/guardian. If medications need to be administered in school, parents must contact the school nurse for necessary forms and further information. The form may also be downloaded from the Norwalk Public School website.


Students should not carry any medicine to school.  An adult must hand all medications to the school nurse assigned to that school.  All medications must be brought to school in their original containers.  No more than a forty-five (45) school day supply of a medication for a student shall be brought to the school nurse.



Parents must report all cases of communicable diseases (chickenpox, measles, lice, etc.) to the school nurse. NOTE:  Do not send your child to school with a fever, vomiting, undiagnosed frequent cough or undiagnosed rash of any kind!!! Your child must be without these symptoms for at least 24 hours before returning to school.


In 2018, Rowayton School considered ways to support good eating habits while students are in school. The school analyzed the district-wide Health and Wellness policy and made the decision to discontinue the celebration of individual birthdays with cake, ice cream or any food products.  Norwalk Public Schools Wellness Policy.

How might birthdays be recognized without sweets? Some examples include:



for parent concerns regarding a classroom issue

If a parent has a concern regarding an issue, the Ladder of Referral should be followed in the order given below. Adhering to this procedure should result in a quicker resolution to the problem.

                        1. The Teacher

                2. Psychologist or Social Worker

                3. The CISD

                4. The Principal

                5. The Assistant Superintendent

                6. The Superintendent

                7. The Board of Education


Each child’s academic and social progress is reported to his/her parent or guardian three times each year.  At the end of the first and second marking periods (November and March), report cards are issued in conjunction with individual parent-teacher conferences.  The third marking period concludes with a report card only.  If, during the intervals between these reports, the teacher feels that your child is not making satisfactory progress, you will be notified.  Parents should feel free to contact the school or teacher to request an appointment at any time.


The school uses a plethora of tools to communicate with families such as SchoolMessenger, Facebook, Twitter, the Rowayton Reporter and Bloomz. The school will send school wide communication using SchoolMessager through PowerSchool. Please be sure your contact information is up to date and accurate at the start of the year. Follow Rowayton School on Facebook as this is a way the school shares the great things happening. The school also sends a newsletter called the Rowayton Reporter.


Many teachers communicate through the student’s communication folder (a plastic folder provided by the teacher to each student at the start of the year to transport papers).  The communication folder should go back and forth from school daily in the child’s backpack.  Some teachers may, in addition, communicate via email, online/mobile apps (BLOOMZ, ClassDOJO), and teacher websites. Learn more about Bloomz at Parents will know what the class is working on and how home efforts can complement and enhance the student’s achievement. Check the communication folder in the child’s backpack for important notices and newsletters on a regular basis.        


Homework assignments are given at the discretion of the classroom teachers. Homework is frequently given as a continuation of classroom work to reinforce what was learned during the day. Students are responsible for completing all assignments.  If a child will be absent for a long time, please call or email the teacher and request work to be sent home. The Norwalk Public Library sponsors a free Homework Help internet program at:, then click on “Children” and “Homework Help.”


The school offers a meal program on a prepaid basis for children who eat food provided by the cafeteria .  Each child has a meal account that allows them to purchase breakfast or lunch at school. Money can be added to their account online or by sending in cash/ check with your child to be collected on the first school day of each week. The money is put into your child’s account and deducted for each meal/milk bought. When their account is running low a notice will be sent as a reminder to put additional money into the account for future meals.  An online account can be created by using School breakfasts/ lunches are provided by Chartwells and offer a wide variety of options daily including salad and smoothie bar, etc. The monthly menu can be found on the Norwalk Public School website and is also typically emailed out monthly by the Food Service Coordinator.


Students can either bring in or purchase school lunch. All students eat lunch in the cafeteria under the supervision of lunchroom aides at the time designated for their grade.  If desired, students bringing their own lunch are able to purchase milk alone. Children with food allergies will have a designated allergen-free lunch table as needed. Lunches packed at home do not have allergy restrictions unless specifically requested by the class teacher/ school nurse.

                        PRICING       Daily       _        5 days      

                        Lunch                 $2.65               $13.25

Breakfast         $1.25                    $  6.25

                        Milk                        .50              $ 2.50                 


Breakfast is provided in all the Norwalk Public Schools and offered to all children for $1.25 daily. Breakfast is served outside of the cafeteria at 8:50 a.m. The students will bring breakfast to the classroom to consume. Options include cereal and graham crackers or a hot breakfast sandwich or pancakes.  Breakfast also includes fruit or fruit juice, and milk.


All classrooms have snack time daily. This is imbedded in the schedule. Please pack a healthy snack for your child each day. Teachers will share information about snack time at the start of school. Some classrooms may have allergen guidelines/restrictions.



The school psychologist is assigned to Rowayton School on a part-time basis as a resource person for parents and staff. The work involves some individual testing, but the present emphasis is to work with teachers and students in the classroom.


A resource for the entire school family, the social worker is assigned to Rowayton School full time. The social worker assists children, parents and staff by developing programs to foster positive interpersonal relations and by working on any personal or social problems impacting learning. As needed, the social worker offers workshops, meetings, and support groups for children. The social worker periodically visits classrooms to run full class programs to promote social and emotional well being.


Our full-time speech pathologist provides language and speech services as needed for the students. This may include individual or group therapy, classroom support in language areas and consultation with parents and teachers regarding communication skills.


The ESL teachers work with ELL children who speak their native language. Children are taught oral language and literacy, and are supported in learning their grade level curriculum in English.


The Resource Program provides learning support to children. Academic support is offered within the regular classroom and, in some cases, as a pull-out program by specially certified teachers.



All-school and grade level assemblies will take place throughout the year. Enrichment programs may be incorporated into the assemblies. These programs are chosen to provide opportunities for the children to experience performing arts, multicultural events and curricula enrichment. Rowayton enjoys having families at school assemblies as it is what helps make Rowayton a community school and will be invited when applicable.


“After the Bell” is an on-site, fee-based before and after school program at Rowayton Elementary.  The morning program runs from 7:00 a.m. to school opening.  The afternoon program runs from school closing to 6:00 p.m. The program runs 5 days a week, and follows the Norwalk Public School calendar. For more information on After the Bell, visit the website:


“After The Bell Enrichment” is offered periodically throughout the year.  There is no additional cost for children already enrolled in After the Bell.  Students not enrolled in After the Bell may enroll in After the Bell Enrichment, so long as there is space, for a nominal fee. Course offerings vary.  Registration forms are sent home in students’ folders and may also be obtained in the office.  The enrichment programs run after school until 5:00 p.m.



Rowayton School Academy, organized by the PTA, offers a range of enriching courses to students before school.  Children can sign up for courses such as Spanish, Math Enrichment, Chess Club, Student Newspaper, Voice/Singing, Grammar, Book Clubs, Reading Enrichment, and more.  Programs may change based on need and enrollment.  Classes are offered at a fee and run from 7:50 a.m. to the start of school.  General information and registration forms come home in the student’s backpack in September and again in December or January.  Details and enrollment forms can also be found on the Rowayton PTA website: 



The Gifted and Talented Program (Grades 3-5) follows the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), which provides enrichment services to the entire school community while also meeting the needs of high achieving and creative students in specialized settings.

The goals of the Gifted and Talented Program are to:

Please reach out to Mrs. Mendez with any questions:


Children for this instruction are selected on the basis of teacher recommendation and a creative arts test. Children in this state-funded program are in Grades 3-5 and meet with the creative arts teacher.


Beginning with 3rd grade, Mr. John Skelton, our strings teacher, offers students the option to study viola, violin, bass or cello.  Students will also perform in assemblies and concerts.  

Beginning with 4th grade, Mr. Anthony Nunes, our band teacher, offers students the option to study flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, and percussion. Students will also perform in assemblies and concerts.  



The Garden of Life was established in 2010 in memory of Eliza Oliver, a beloved teacher at Rowayton School.  Miss Oliver was a teacher who valued experiential learning and created many hands-on garden activities for her students.  ​She was a great role model, involved in the community and in her students.  It is our hope that all students at Rowayton School will benefit from their time in the Garden of Life and share in the enthusiasm for learning that will ultimately pay the best tribute to Miss Oliver’s memory.

One of the goals of this garden program is for students to learn the importance of knowing where their food comes from, the value associated with growing their own food and the long term nutritional benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Another goal is to make sure the garden is utilized consistently as an outdoor classroom setting, where garden-based activities become integrated into the core curriculum.

The Garden of Life is part of the Norwalk Grows School Garden Program, which provides a part time garden coordinator. The Rowayton PTA, the Rowayton Gardeners Club and Eliza Oliver’s family have given the garden continued support. Volunteers are needed and always welcome in the garden.


Physical Education is a required class for all students in the Norwalk Public School system.  Sneakers or rubber-soled shoes are required to participate in P.E. class. If your child forgets his/her sneakers, they will be asked to sit and do an alternative activity.  Be sure to check the class schedule if your child wears shoes other than sneakers.  Students are scheduled for P.E. class once every four days with Mr. Dave Liberatore and participation is reported on the student progress reports.


Last year, Rowayton School hired a certified Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Erin D’Elia. She is one of three library media specialists in the Norwalk Elementary schools. She has already created a learning commons webpage, established a makerspace, and implemented a digital citizenship curriculum. Above all else, her efforts during the library program aims to foster a love for reading. Students have library once every four days. Please visit her website to learn more: 



Ms. Amanda Antunes, our art teacher, skillfully incorporates lessons from our English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum into our children’s art projects.  They also produce beautiful traditional seasonal work. Students have art once every four days and participation is reported on the student progress reports. Follow the art class on Instagram @RowaytonRocksart



Ms. Amanda Violone is excited to bring new and fun music programs to Rowayton School. Children participate in assemblies and musical theatre productions arranged by the musical instruction. Students are scheduled for music class once every four days and participation is reported on the student progress reports.      



Parents and caregivers should NOT drop-off in the lower lot; the buses must be able to maneuver for entering and exiting.  Park in the rear lot or at the Community Center.  For safety reasons, never double park, don’t park on sidewalks, grass, the side of the building, by the dumpsters, nor the side of the driveway. Always park legally.


The morning bus drop off is at the front of the school along the curb.  Parents/caregivers dropping off students via car should do so at the side loop of the building; please have your children exit curbside.  Direction and assistance will be provided.  If you must, park at the rear of the school or the Community Center. If possible, walking to school is encouraged.


Afternoon bus pick-up is at the drop-off circle. Please do not drive in the circle at school dismissal time.  If you drive to pick-up your child, park in the front or back of the school or in the Community Center parking lot.  NO CHANGES IN DISMISSAL WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 2:45 P.M.  There is no drive-through pick-up.  If possible, walking home is encouraged.          

All students being picked-up will wait in the following locations: 

  Kindergarten: Dismissal will be at the kindergarten playground doors.

Grade 1: Students will be dismissed from the door at the corner of the garden. Mrs. Sinnicki’s class will be dismissed at her back door (by the yellow playground).

Grade 2: Students will be dismissed from classrooms in the back of the building (by the yellow playground).

Grade 3: Students will be dismissed from the main entrance, by the School of                 Distinction signs.

Grades 4&5: Students will be dismissed from the 4th/5th-grade classroom doors. Ms. Baril’s class will be dismissed from the main entrance.


For families with children in more than one grade level- Pick-up will be in the younger/ youngest child’s classroom. The older child(ren) will walk to the younger child’s classroom.

Please use PickUp Patrol for any last-minute (prior to 2:45 p.m. daily) dismissal changes. Please visit www.pickuppatrol,net to register.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.



- Pass a school bus with flashing red lights. (This is state law; fines are stiff and

   consequences serious.)

- Use the bus lane for student drop-off or pick-up.

        - Park directly in front of the building at the end of the sidewalk.

         - Park in a handicapped spot unless you have a state sticker.

        - Cross the street except at the walk signs.

- Park in the lot next to the tennis courts.  This is ONLY for Special Education bus pick

  up/drop off.  The buses need room to safely load and maneuver.


        - Use extreme caution when driving in the driveway and parking lots.  

        - Be responsible for the safety of your children after they exit the building.


Fifth graders will be assisting with school arrival procedures in the morning. The students rotate monthly, and will be spread-out over the school grounds to assist in the drop-off process. The fifth graders chosen for safety patrol arrive at school each morning by 8:50 a.m. They wear orange vests, with large buttons that say “School Safety Patrol.”

Please remember that our 5th-grade Safety Patrol has been implemented to assist your children and to ensure their safety.  Our aim is to make the morning drop-off procedure run as smoothly and safely as possible.


Bicyclists are not permitted to ride bikes up the driveway.  Bicyclists must walk bikes up the sidewalk to the front lawn. Students riding bikes to school must wear a helmet and use a chain lock to secure the bicycle to a bike rack.  There is one bike rack located in front of the school, another at the rear.


Norwalk Public Schools posts the bus routes/schedule on the district website. Click here for more information:

Norwalk Public Schools uses a  bus-tracking app, FirstView, to give parents peace of mind, including estimated bus arrival time, customizable alerts for when the bus is at a chosen distance or number of minutes away, secure password protection and customer support.

It is available for download on smartphones or desktop. App Download Instructions can be found here: For questions, concerns or additional information contact FirstView customer support team Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 888-889-8920.


For those students who are eligible, bus transportation is provided to and from school. The Norwalk Board of Education Office of Transportation determines all assignments and stops.  The following rules and regulations are in accordance with existing laws and are for the protection and safety of all concerned.  It is important to review and teach these to your children:

Students must:

of the bus.

Students must NOT:

Parents will be notified of a child’s improper behavior on the bus. After three violations, the child will not be allowed to ride the bus. Bus videotapes are available to the school if needed for observing children’s behavior.

Kindergarten students must be accompanied by an adult to the bus stop and met at the bus stop for drop off.  Your child will not be allowed to exit the bus and will be taken to the Police Department if not met at the stop.  


“Rowayton ROCKS” is the school-wide positive behavior program which will be kicking off this year.  The program is designed to provide all students with positive behavior expectations and reinforcements.  ROCKS stands for students being:

R – Responsible

O - Open-minded

C - Cooperative

K - Kind

S – Safe

The school-wide rules:

1.  Follow directions given by all adults the first time.

2.  Keep hands, feet and all objects to yourself.

3.  Use appropriate language at all times.

4.  Do not bring candy, gum, toys, electronic equipment or dangerous objects to school.

Students who disobey the rules after being warned will have a phone call home by the teacher or the Curriculum and Instruction Site Director with appropriate consequences recommended.

All children can learn to obey school rules and by doing so, grow in self-esteem. All teachers have similar plans for classroom behavior, copies of which are sent home with your child at the beginning of the school year.


It is the policy of Norwalk Public Schools that bullying behavior, of any form, will not be tolerated.  Norwalk Public Schools believes that all students have the right to attend a school that promotes a secure and safe school environment, conducive to teaching and learning that is free from threat, harassment and any type of bullying behavior. Therefore, a policy that addresses this type of behavior, applicable to all constituencies, is necessary.  The school climate safety specialist is Mrs. Nancy Caron, the CISD.


For more information:


The Rowayton School PTA is an organization designed to enhance the connection between home and school. Parents working in cooperation with teachers give each child an understanding of the world around them. Through the activities of the PTA, children are encouraged to learn and grow as individuals. It is important for all parents to participate in their child’s education so that each child feels secure in taking the important steps to discover and mature.

PTA meetings are typically held monthly and are open to parents/guardians and staff representatives to discuss program and event status and general PTA updates. Parents can join the PTA board and/or volunteer to help with specific events, committees, and initiatives. The PTA hosts many school and community events and programs including a Fall Fundraiser, the Walkathon, Book Fair, Bingo Night, the Spring Carnival and others. The goal is to bring families together for fun and fellowship while helping to earn money to support capital and technology improvements, field trips, special assemblies, classroom materials, and professional development.

The PTA welcomes participation, ideas, suggestions and concerns from all school families. The PTA is always happy to have parents participate and volunteer at any level and is eager to get to know all the families at Rowayton School. Do not hesitate to contact any of the officers on the PTA Executive Board with your comments and questions. Visit the website to see the many ways you can become involved as well as to stay up to date on events and programs for the school community.

Children learn best when surrounded by the warmth of a loving adult. The PTA aims to help to enrich the relationship between your home and school, so that children experience school as both rewarding and fun.


The mission statement of the Rowayton School PTA is to support and enhance the efforts of its teachers and administrators in order to provide the highest level of academic excellence, physical fitness, the arts and parent involvement for all its students in a diverse and culturally rich and caring environment through PTA volunteer and fundraising efforts.


Subscribe to the PTA's weekly email bulletins to get the latest on important dates, upcoming events, and opportunities for students both at school and in the community.  To subscribe, go to and click on the sign-up button, OR go to and click the link on the bottom of the page.  E-Blasts are typically sent out weekly and more often for special events/ announcements as needed.  Don't miss important school information!


The Rowayton School PTA website is a great resource for staying informed and up to date on school happenings.  It contains important links, information about school programs, Staff and PTA activities, and related school events.  


One way that parents can become directly involved in their child’s classroom is to volunteer as a “Room Parent.” Room Parents, organized by the PTA, are helpers to the teacher and classroom and are an essential part of creating a positive classroom culture. The job of the Room Parent may include duties such as class communications, gathering and delivering supplies and materials (craft supplies, snacks, etc.), planning activities or seasonal/ celebrations, helping to run classroom activities/ events and encouraging other parent participation when applicable.

Teachers will discuss the ways that Room Parents will be able to help in their classes during the school year. Some examples could be: Bringing water and organizing snacks (who brings what) for Field Day, Reminding families about PTA and school events (Bingo Night, field trips, etc), Planning a Halloween activity for students, working with students in class to create a teacher-planned craft, etc. The PTA may also request the Room Parents to communicate with other parents in their child’s class or grade to help with PTA initiatives/ events. To find out more about becoming a Room Parent, contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinators or your child’s teacher. Many teachers actively request Room Parent volunteers at the beginning of the school year.


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Traditions are part of the Rowayton School family.  Watch the Rowayton School e-blasts, your child’s communication folder and the website for specific dates and times as they become available.  Typical annual events are listed below, though the events and schedule may change.

Popsicle Back to School Picnic / Parent Welcome Back Coffee and Volunteer Information/Sign Up

Parent Curriculum Night

Picture Day / Family Photo Shoot PTA Fundraiser


Halloween Parade

Parent Fundraiser & Silent Auction

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Staff Appreciation Dinner / Teacher Appreciation Week

Veterans Day Assembly

Book Fair

All School Enrichment and Assemblies

Chorus,  Orchestra and Band Concerts


Movie Night / BINGO Night

Heritage Dinner

Grade Level Field Days

Rowayton School CARNIVAL

Kindergarten Celebration / 5th Grade Graduation and Party