Research Roadmap


HP Budget

HP Treasury

Research on State/sector related issues

- Budget Speech scan and newspaper articles, sectoral issues reports for HP

- Civil Society Organizations and newspaper reports on fund utilisation issues

Scheme selection

- National level schemes for HPs (prominent Centrally Sponsored Schemes)

- State schemes (based on highest budget share in 2019-20)

- Track those schemes in HP treasury

Data Mapping

- Mapping based on budget codes and/or budget head descriptions

Trend Analysis

-Analysis of trends in allocations and spending to build an analytical section on the dashboard

- Identification of sectors with low fund utilisation and how the trend changes over a fiscal year

Content Development for dashboard

- Based on different components

- The textual content on budget highlights( capturing new announcements on schemes, programmes, focus area by the government)

- Curated content on sectoral budgets and focus areas


- Medium using OBI account


- HP State Departments (Finance, select Line departments)


- State level organisations working on sectoral issues in HP

- National and International organisations like World Bank, HAQ, etc.

- Educational Institutes