september : 8th

 The Grail Quest

- Stewarding many areas of the

extremely tough mudder. You

will receive a medal and food food food !!

September : 21th-23rd

 Ironman Weymouth

- a full on weekend with a world

known triathlon event. Raking

bikes and giving out timing

chips on the first day and then

managing the food and water

station on race day.  


Wild and wonderful 

- conservation day with bbq

near taunton to help local

scout camp keep it’s woodland manageable.


Wells Food Festival 

- fire marshalling at a

local 12,000 people event and making candy floss.

Other events tbc:

Bristol/Taunton roller derby

 - selling cakes, re taping tracks,

 checking wrist bands and selling merch.

Immortal sports triathlon

 - much like ironman it will be a

weekender to steward areas, help

with racking and time chips and lots more.

Christmas fetes

- To helps sell raffle tickets , cakes , be elfs and more.