Independent Study Informational Sheet

The MIT Independent Study Program offers two options: Long-Term and Short-Term. Here is a general outline of how the two programs work.

Short-Term Independent Study will be offered to students who will be out for 5 to 15 days.  Long-Term is offered to students who will be out for longer than three weeks and is renewable every semester for the student’s academic term at MIT.  Independent Study services are not available for students who are out for 1 to 4 days, if students will be out for less than 5 days, students and/or parent/guardian will need to talk to the teachers directly to get assignments.

The initial process begins with a parent/guardian request for his/her child to be placed on independent study for a given period of time.  You can contact me at or (707)552-6482 X130. Once it is decided if Independent Study is the right fit for the student, a master agreement contract will generated for signatures, a meeting day/time will be set and the student will be enrolled into independent study.  If requests outnumber the capacity, a waiting list will be created on a first-come first-serve basis and students will be placed by accordingly as space becomes available.

For Short-Term Independent Study, we need at least a week’s notice (or more, if possible) that a student is going to be out. Assignments that are given to these students will come from his/her teachers. This will help to eliminate any assignment gaps during the student’s absence.

I will meet with short-term students before he/she begin his/her independent study to give them their assignments and explain his/her responsibility to turn in his/her homework on his/her first day back to school.  All assignments are to be turned in on the day the student is to return to school, even if the student is absent, the work needs to be turned in.  Failure to do so will void the master agreement and student will not get the attendance credit, absences will be marked as Independent Study Incomplete. The dates on the master agreements are firm, once the student is out on Independent Study.

Upon his/her return, I will keep a photocopy his/her assignments and place the original in the teacher’s box for grading.  Once the assignments are graded, I will pull the score from PowerSchool and put it on the file copy of assignment which is kept as documentation in his/her independent study file.  Students are given attendance credit based on the completeness and effort of his/her assignments.

Long-Term Independent Study runs a bit differently.  I will be the teacher of record for these students and all assignments will come from me.  I may, however, need some assistance from time-to-time from teachers.  Students on Long-Term Independent Study will still show up on PowerSchool attendance as a student enrolled in his/her original classes, but will be marked as ISP (Independent Study Pending).  During this time, you should not be receiving any calls home stating that the student is absent from school, but should this happen (and it does on occasion), just email me and I will take care of it.

He/she will also be in the PowerSchool gradebook, There should not be any grades populated for these students, while the student is on Independent Study. Please disregard any grades that are in PowerSchool gradebook while the he/she is on Long-Term Independent Study, as I will be keeping a record of all student assignments/grades and will submit them to Martina Munoz at the end of the given semester.  We will be using PLS-Express for our Long Term Independent Study Program, you will be able to access and monitor grades, attendance, assignments, etc.  

Please note when students are scheduled to meet with me, they are to come to school in uniform and check into the main office before our meeting. Typically, we meet once a week, but it can be adjusted based on the needs of the student.

A couple of other things to keep in mind for students who are on Long Term Independent Study.  Students are not to “hang out on campus” at any time, including visiting other classrooms/teachers (unless the teacher asked to speak to student).  Students are allowed to participate in school activities, such as dances, fundraisers, etc. If students have other school business, for example needing Academic Advising Services, Student Services, Counseling Services, Resource Services, please check into the main office and they will direct you.  

Students who receive three infractions will be dismissed from the Independent Study Program. Infractions can include anything from incomplete assignments, missed meetings (without proper and timely notice), being on campus when he/she are not supposed to be, etc.  If a student is struggling with any portion of the Independent Study Program, communication is key.  If a concern arises that Independent Study may not be the right fit for a student, a meeting will be set up between myself, the parent/guardian, and student to discuss address the concern.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Liz Saldana

Independent Study Program