Monitoring and Identifying changes to practise

One of the things that we discussed in our last meeting is identifying any problem that we can see during while teaching and using different strategies to achieve your identified goal.

If we can go back to my inquiry focus for this term, it is about ‘how am I going to improve my learners ability to read?’ I suggested that by; giving them lots of different ways to learn new words, giving them more opportunities to read at school, and ‘read to’ them 5 times a day, - will improve their reading abilities at the end.

After three weeks, I have noticed - reading with my learners couple of times a day before taking the book home, really helps them to enjoy reading - The values of reading 


My reading groups are mixed (students at PRE - level and students  who are reading at magenta level), and I can see the benefits that they are getting from having each other in the group. And in terms of reading and identifying words, students are picking that up through repetition and help from friends.

But I wonder if I should do that? Students who are still PRE should know their letters and their sounds before getting into a mixed ability group. This is the only kind of a problem that I can see. My PRE students are finding it really hard and they are working really hard to learn two things at one time. What do you think? Please share ...