Montclair PTO Meeting

September 20, 2017

Members in attendance: Vanessa Gillis, Carmen Vergara, Corrina Yballe, Gabrielle McGrew, Jason McGrew, CC Quilantan, Luis Quilantan, Kari Smith, Amanda Elliott, Theresa Moreschini, Ashley La Forge, Lauren Dahl, Wendy Pringle, Mike Pringle, Kelley Stine, Peter James, Sean Leverty

I.               Call to order 7:05pm

  1. Approved minutes and video from May 2017


II.             Introductions


III.           Principal update – Sean Leverty

Enrollment is down, economic reasons, lost 4 teacher positions, some larger and some smaller classes...Early release is new for this year, went smoothly!, First time all staff were able to collaborate including IA’s


IV.           Teacher Liaison update – Amanda Elliott

Good start to year from teachers-thank you from Terada for all library programs


V.             President update – Mike Pringle

Thank you to new Pto members


VI.           Vice President update – Lauren Dahl

  1. Dine out for dollars - October 17 at Chipotle on Hall... Volunteer help


VII.         Secretary update – Peter James

  1. Look for Family Directory Poll


VIII.           Volunteer Coordinator update – Corrina Yballe & Becky O’Donnell

  1. Emergency buckets...lead emergency prep person spoke about filling buckets with Pto help
  2. Emergency car seats hand, extra clothes on hand
  3. List of needed items for buckets will be published by staff
  4. Needed scrip chairperson
  5. Room reps...Still need a few...List to follow


IX.          Treasurer update – Ross Bradshaw (Absent)

  1. Checking: $18187.08
  2. Money Mkt: $50080.06
  3. Total: $68267.14

X.        Fun Run update - Wendy Pringle

Encouraged kids how to ask for donations safely with help from adults.. New this year to sponsor teacher...Grand prizes for top runners


XI.            Round Table

Curriculum night tomorrow night 9/21


XII.          Adjourn 7:49

  1. After-meeting at Old Market Pub