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Our Mission

AES provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

This Week in the MS:

Monday September 17

Day 5 3412

Tuesday, September 18

Day 6 7856

Wednesday, September 19

Day 7 4123

Thursday, September 20

Day 8 8567

Friday, September 21

Day 1 1234

  • MS MAP Testing Make-up Day
  • World Peace Day - WEAR WHITE
  • PowerSchool Academic Update

Saturday, September 22

  • MS Student Leadership Seminar #1 9:00-12:00 HOP


Sep 17-20        MS MAP testing

Sep 25                Director’s Townhall Meeting for Faculty, 4:30 PM, HOP

Sep 26                MS Parent - Teacher Conferences, 4:30-7:30 PM, Gym

Sep 27                No classes for MS Students

                MS Parent - Teacher Conferences, 8:30 AM-12:00 PM & 1:00-4:00 PM, Gym

Sep 28                No classes for MS Students

                MS Parent - Teacher Conferences, 8:00 AM-1:00 PM, Gym

Oct 1                No School - AES Holiday

Oct 2                No School - Gandhi’s Birthday

Oct 3                Director’s Coffee, 8:30 AM, BCR

                PSA Meeting, 9:00-10:30 Am, BCR

Oct 4                PSA Air Quality Mela, 2:00-5:00 PM, HOP

Oct 5                MESAC Friday Night Lights, 4:00 PM

Oct 6                Fall Fiesta, 6:00 PM, Tiger Turf

Oct 8                ASIAC Send-Off Assembly, 10:00AM

                MS WOW Mela, 3:00-5:00 PM, HOP

Oct 11-14        ASIAC Soccer, American International School, Chennai

Oct 13                Celebrate Diwali - Festival of Lights, 6:30-10:00 PM, MS Field


MS Parent Teacher Conferences:


We will be celebrating Peace Week in the Middle School this week. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so the students will be spending assembly and advisory time this week learning about what human rights are and taking a close look at this important document that was created in order to protect those rights. We are fortunate to be welcoming New Zealand High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers to our kickoff assembly on Monday. She will be coming to speak with the students about human rights in the work she does as a diplomat. You can access the schedule of events here and the presentation to be used in advisory here. Any and all resources you will need will be delivered to your classroom. Thank you in advance for helping to facilitate thoughtful discussions with your students around these important topics.


Students need to turn in the completed waiver and information form on Wednesday, September 19 to the MS Office by 5:00pm. In advisory, please help to remind them about this.

Last Thursday Trip Leaders met with parents in the HOP for a coffee session to share some important information about WOW. A lot of this same information was shared out in the packets this week, that went home with students from the ET sessions at each grade level. link to WOW Parent Coffee Slides

MAP Testing Information


MAP testing will take place Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - September 17, 18, 20. (link to schedule)

Important to notes:

Proctor Assignments and Other Duties

Please check the schedule closely to see where you have been assigned to support with MAP testing this week.

Proctor Training

We will have a mandatory Proctor Training session for all MS Faculty, TAs and other staff who are a part of MAP testing on Wednesday, September 13th at 2:45pm (Early Release) in the Hall of Peace.

Sign in to NWEA

Prior to the proctor training, please log in to NWEA. If you are new to AES, you should have received an email from with your temporary password. You should log into the account with the temporary password and it will prompt you to change your password. For returning teachers, log in to NWEA with the same password you used last year. If you forgot your password from last year, there is a forgot password button. This will make the training go a bit faster.

Assessments during MAP testing

It is ideal to have limited assessments that week, as a goal is to have limited stress for students. We also don't want to artificially ban 3 days and then force a pile up of assessments post-MAP. Please talk with your team about your assessment plans around MAP testing. We want to be mindful in the spread of assessments in each grade level so that students

Please let Melissa know if you have any questions or concerns with the schedule.

Class Location Updates to the MS Office (PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN EMAIL ADDRESS)

Please send a note to (Anthea, Melissa, Jonathan, Karin, Pooja, Rekha, Deepa & Lalit) if you take your class to a different location.

Helpful Links:

MS Office Site - For everything you need


Here’s What We Know:

Virtual Day Google Classroom: We are getting ready for our October 9th Virtual Day. Join our Google Classroom and ask your questions! Code is: 267z8y

MAP We will have tech help and additional iPads (if the kids’ iPads are not charged or not working) at the end of each hallway.

Blogs: Student blogs are updated and your blog links are on your homepage of your teacher blog. Let us know if you need any help getting started blogging with kids..great for virtual day and great for Parent Conferences!

Ask your colleagues about:

Ask Robb about the makerspace. Kids from his classes have been up doing book projects and Industrial Revolution activities.

Ask Me about a chance to decorate Earth-themed pots for the Air Quality Mela. We are working with the PSA.

Ask Fumi about Stomp Rockets and the VideoPhysics app. Students are learning about Quadratic equations and have built them.

Let me know if there is something you would like me to include as I know there is so much more going on!!

Professional Development Opportunities:

Design Thinking Workshop: October 1-2 Amsterdam, Netherlands

TECHpalooza October 3-4 Southport, Australia

Google Summit October 6-7 Mumbai, India

Google Summit October 20-21 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learning2.0 November 1-3 Tokyo, Japan (please note, this is just before our Fall break!)

Google Summit November 9-10 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Learning2 Europe, January 25-27, Zurich, Switzerland

Future of Educational Tech, January 27-30 Orlando, Florida

Makeology Summit, Feb 1-2, 2019 Nairobi, Kenya

Reading and Writing Tech, March 2-3, 2019 Shekhou, China

21st Century Learning, March 6-9 Hong Kong

EdTech Courses: Here is a series of online classes available on Google, STEM and much more!

Tech Tips:  

Maker’s Asylum Delhi: Check out this local Makerspace here in Delhi. They have classes and trainings all the time!


Catch your buses!

Coaches and advisors running after school MESAC/ASIAC activities or MS clubs, please make sure students are allowed enough time at the end of their activity to catch their bus rides home. We have had several students miss their bus in the past two weeks. Thanks!


ASA Season 1

Here is the link for the Season 1 brochure.


Travel Guides in the Library

We’ve relocated the travel guide section in the library to make it easier to find and have just purchased 40 updated guidebooks. We'll be finished processing them in the next few days, so come by and see what we've got!

If you have purchased guidebooks that are not too out of date (no more than 5 years old) and that you are no longer using, the library would gladly accept your donations.


Repeat of Anthea’s note from the Sept 3-14 MS WAG:

As a school we have a wide range of support services. If you have a wondering, want some ideas or need some help in supporting a student please contact one of us:

Again your colleagues will also have ideas and suggestions. As the saying goes “it takes a village…”


MS Substitute Evaluation Form 1819 Share feedback about a cover teacher in this link throughout the school year.

WOW Chaperone List

Request Form for TT / WAG / SWAG

Please fill this form 24 hrs in advance if you would like to share any announcement to parents / staff / students in our weekly communications that go out.

Assembly Request Form You can use this form to let the MSALT students know what teacher announcements you would like to make. Please share this information before Friday at lunch each week so they have time to plan for the announcements.



On Friday the Grade Level Team Leaders and counselors spent time time reflecting on their role and the advisory program. It’s evident that we have passionate educators who want to put students at the center. This year we will continue to reflect on our programs and how we meet student needs. (Roxy also enjoyed Friday).

MS PLP Supervision 18-19

This year we will divide the PLP responsibilities mostly by department. For some there’ll be some overlap. Please check the document and let Melissa or I know if you see a problem or have a question.


Sushil Kumar, September 20

Shirley Droese, September 20

Amy Leachious, September 22