Photo I is a UC approved art class intended for students interested in learning basic and advanced photographic techniques.  The class will cover many areas including camera controls, film development, darkroom processes, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, and photographic history.

Assignment:  Photo assignments are designed to challenge students creatively and mentally.  Communication of thought and demonstration of technique is expected in each assignment you create. Your assignments will be outside of class on your own time.  Each assignment will ask you to turn in physical prints and digital copies to Google Classroom.  Each assignment is expected to be posted on your website that will act as your portfolio.  

Webpage:  You will be expected to respond to photo posts on your webpage blog that you create in class, this will be done at the beginning of at least one class a week.  All images and photographers that we discuss/critique/analyze will be tasteful, however, some documentary images may be disturbing and some art images may be R rated. I expect you to be mature in all of your comments, and discussions about any artwork we see in class.

Equipment:  I have a limited number of digital and film cameras to loan out.  They are your responsibility.  Lost or damaged cameras will be charged to you.  Camera replacement cost is a minimum of $500.  Make sure you take care of them and follow the sign out and check in procedures.  

Grades:  All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  The SVHS grade scale will be used.  Do Not Expect To Pass if you don’t turn in photographs.  Late work will be accepted but credit will be taken away.  Late work is accepted but only up to the next assignment due date.

“Deadlines refine the mind. They remove variables like exotic materials and processes that take too long. The closer the deadline, the more likely you'll start thinking way outside the box.”

Adam Savage

Upon entering class each day...
                                        / Think outside the box.
                        Completing this class earns you Fine Arts credit.  Creative thinking is essential.  Take chances!

 Arrive to class on time with the necessary materials to work.

/Brainstorm in groups.   Participate in class discussions.

/  CLEAN up after yourself --and everyone else!!! 
Don’t let me hear you say “That’s not my mess.”  This class is a privilege and a cooperative culture.

/ Manage time wisely and help classmates succeed.

/ Cell Phones will be turned off and collected at the start of class
Cell phones may be stored in lockable lockers or behind my desk in the cell phone storage center.

/ Be respectful to everybody.   / Use appropriate language.  
/ All pictures must be school appropriate.

A Lab donation of $10-$20 is  greatly appreciated.  Our program is funded by donations, which helps maintain our level of equipment and classroom quality, film and photo paper.

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