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Second Grade Newsletter No 28

March 12-16, 2018

Mrs. Owens | (916) 331-7377 ext. 323

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Dear Parents,

Our field trip to the Sacramento Zoo will be on Thursday, March 29, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.  The signed and dated permission slips and $7.50 per person are due today.  Drivers, your current insurance copy and current driver’s license copy are due today as well.  Thank you!

The “Incredible Edible” project is due on Tuesday morning, March 13, the day of “Open House.”   The children have one day left to complete their project.  Remember it needs to be fresh for Open House.  Be creative and have lots of fun!

Missions Week went well!  The children had fun filling up their buddy barrels and pouring the missionary money into the big tub!  We want to thank the parents who helped at the International Luncheon.  Thank you to the parents who sent a food dish in for the luncheon.  Everyone enjoyed it a great deal!  The children looked adorable in their costumes!

TCS Open House - Tuesday, March 13

Please make plans to visit your child’s class and see some of the work and projects they’ve been doing throughout the year. You may also visit other classrooms and talk to our wonderful teachers and staff. Just a reminder that this day is a Minimum Day. School will be dismissed at 12 PM, daycare is available. This is a good opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbors, and people from your church to see what God is doing at our school.  Please remind your child whether they should go to daycare or to the gate.  Thank you!

The evening will begin in the Cornerstone Chapel with a time of Praise & Worship with our very own TCS Worship Team.  This is a good opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbors, and people from your church to see what God is doing at our school.

Chick-fil-a hot lunch is this Friday.  Please send in the order form with the exact cash by Tuesday, March 12.  Parents, please seal the sides of the envelopes because the change has been falling out on many of the children’s envelopes.  Thank you!

Parents, we will be having our Easter party on Friday, March 30, at 11:00 - 11:40 am.  Our room mothers will be making it a lunch for the children because we are going to an Easter service in the sanctuary at 12 pm.  They will be contacting you soon to see if you are able to send something in for the party.  Please come and enjoy the Easter service with your child!  We hope you are able to attend!

Please be sure to pick up your child on time after the service because there is no daycare.

Parents, please continue practicing with your child on their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.  Just a reminder that the more you practice the math facts with your child, the better they will be able to do on their timed math facts quizzes!  You help make a difference when you help your child to memorize their facts!  Thank you!


Mrs. Owens

Calendar of Events

March                   11     Daylight Savings Time Starts

                            13      Incredible Edible” Due this morning!

                            13      Open House - Early Dismissal @ 12:00 pm. (Daycare Available)

                            16      Chick-fil-a Hot Lunch

                            23      End of Qtr

                            27      Easter Concert and Chicken Pasta Dinner @ 7 pm in the Sanctuary

                            30      Easter Party 11:00 - 11:40 am

                            30      Good Friday Service Minimum Day (No Daycare)

April                    2-6      Easter Break (No School)

                       16-20      SAT Testing

Homework and Assignments

Classwork:  Any classwork that is not finished in class will be sent home to be completed and turned in the next day.

Math: Lessons 103-105B

Daily Math Homework: Memorize and practice your addition, subtraction, and multiplication math facts (accuracy and speed) for timed speed drills with a parent.  **The children are being timed on their math facts for their quizzes!

“Incredible Edibles” project due on Tuesday morning, March 13 for “Open House.”

 **Neatness counts in all schoolwork and homework!  Please encourage your child to do their very best work in both areas!  Please check your child’s homework folder every day for any papers and notes that may go home. Thank you for your support!


Bible – Memorize I John 4:9-10 for Friday.  Bible test 26 (pp. 107-108) is on Friday.

Bible book and student planner are due on Friday.

Spelling – Lesson 25.  Write entire spelling list two times and turn in the next day.  

Reading - Freebie for the week! - “Work on Incredible Edible”

Tuesday - No Homework due to “Open House.”


Bible – Memorize verse.  Study for Bible test on Friday.

Spelling – Study for the pretest on Thursday.

Math - Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts for accuracy and speed with a parent!

Thursday - Bring your recorder!

Bible – Memorize verse.  Study for the Bible test.

Spelling – Study for the final test on Friday.

Math - Do lesson 104, have your child correct any errors, and return it the next day.

Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts for accuracy and speed with a parent!

Music: Students are also preparing for the Easter Concert.