Getting Started with Taurus

Taurus is a simple to use mobile workforce tracking application!

Download Taurus Tracker on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store

  1. Go to your Organization and create a new Asset

2. Enter the information for the new asset & assign it to a group

*assigning it to a group is important because it will give it access to only the check-in locations that belong to the same group, we’ll explain this further below.

3. After saving, activate the Taurus code & assign the permissions

4. On the Taurus App, enter the Tracker Code

5. Check in and checkpoints

A check-in is a simple ping to the server letting the system know your location, in the reports for Taurus devices you can see all the locations where you performed a check-in.

A checkpoint is a virtual location that you can create from the  application, and check into when you’re physically near this location.

When performing a check-in to a checkpoint on the application, you’ll see a list of nearby checkpoints, these are geofences that have either been created on the web portal or on the Taurus app previously, they’ll appear nearby for you to check in, or you can also create a new one.

Another way to checkin is by using the a QR code, simply click on the Action button then

Scan QR button

You’ll need to have a QR code handy, to generate one please go to the Gateway.

Simply go to the geofence, and expand the menu

To the option QR Code

You can also assign yourself to a nearby vehicle, to do so scan the QR code of the vehicle.  A vehicle’s QR code is found on the Gateway under the vehicle’s details.

You can also chat with the driver by going into the Chat menu on Tracking, this will give you a way to send messages back and forth to the driver.

On the gateway you can create reports that will give you information about all your Taurus devices, including the time spent Working (On duty), the checkins performed, and the photos taken.