1. Do I need the “class” files to parse the output generated by the nodes?

Indriya2 does not require any class files. The compilation of the binary code does not require any special files either.

  1. I have created a job but I am not able to schedule it.

In order to schedule a job, you need to have enough quota. Initially your quota is zero. After replying to the mail, sent to you after the first login to Indriya2, with all the required data, the administrator will allocate a quota of 30 minutes to you.

  1. How do I get my quota after I use it up to schedule a job?

You get your quota back either after the job is completed or if you cancel the job.

  1. How do a create a job and schedule it?

Refer to the following link: ?

  1. I cannot run the mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub commands?

You need to install mosquitto package for your platform. You may check the following link: https://mosquitto.org/download/


  1. Can I run multiple jobs at the same time?

Multiple jobs can be run at the same time as long as there’s no overlap in the set of selected nodes and you have enough quota.

  1. What executable (file format) do the motes support in the Indriya testbed?

You may use bin binary for TelosB and elf binary for SensorTag CC2650

  1. Is there any detailed tutorial about the usage of the testbed?

Yes, you can find it on https://indriya.comp.nus.edu.sg/Indriya2_tutorial.pdf and on the website under the “how to use” tab under your account.

  1. Why am I unable to schedule any job? The portal is showing me that "You have exceeded your quota".

You should have received an email after signing to the testbed. Please reply to it and I'll activate your account so you can execute jobs.

  1. Does this testbed allow simultaneous transmission through different channels (multi-channel transmission)?

Multi-channel transmission is okay.

  1. What address shall I mention as destination address?

You may use the map in the website. Under the Connectivity tab, click on show map button.

  1. How many channels can Indriya testbed support?

Indriya supports the standard 2.4 GHz band. You can use any IEEE 802.15.4 channel (11 to 26).