- Official Skyblock Rules -

This document goes over the official Fantasynetwork skyblock rules. Please keep in mind that rules are subject to change at any time
You will also be notified on discord. You’re responsible for keeping up to date with our server rules. As far as punishments go.
We want all our players to have the best possible time when on FantasyNetwork.

Please follow these rules and guidelines to ensure we can enjoy the server.


Unfair advantage//Hacked Clients or Cheating

This includes any use of a hacked client, ghost client, illegal mods. These are just examples and are not limited to only those select few.  Any modifications to any client or mod that will create an advantage over other players are not allowed. If you are caught using any sort of unfair advantage you will be punished accordingly. Islands will also receive Value Removals and possible DQ of the season.

Note: If a player is caught to hurt the value of the island, the player will have harsher punishment appointed to him.

Teleport, Portal and Island Trapping

If you teleport someone to you and trap, blackmail or kill them, then you will be punished. Trying to trap players in places such as nether portals is also punishable as you are not only creating a hassle for the player, but also an inconvenience for staff. This is not limited to the islands but is also applicable in the warzone.

Entering an island through unauthorized methods

Attempting to get away with setting an unauthorized home on a player’s island will result in punishment. You will be forced to delete the home and share proof that you have done so to escape harsher punishments. This also included flying to another island where you may be banned or the island may be locked.

Inappropriate Builds

Building anything deemed as being inappropriate, for example, racist, homophobic, pornographic, vulgar, sexual or derogatory builds. It is not limited to only those listed beforehand, a staff member will judge whether it is inappropriate or not.

Note: This is only punishable when reported by a player and is an island open to the public.

Insiding // Griefing

Joining an island, For the purpose to take what they have and leaving them with nothing, for your gain is considered insiding. This will not be tolerated on Fantasy and harsh punishments will happen if this occurs. Joining a players island and destroying chests, placing lava and water everywhere are examples of griefing.
Note: Punishments will only result in the player who is at fault.

Scamming and trading 

Scamming any player of their money, in-game items, valuable items, spawners etc.

is not allowed and you will be punished. This also refers to Buycraft scamming/Trading
Aswell and island value trading with other islands. If you’re planning to do a trade for value for buycraft or other in-game items. You must first get this approved with an
Administrator+ before going through with the deal. Any deals made without this approval will hold you accountable. This is to ensure all trading is done properly without any faults and it does not come under island boosting.

Island Merging

Merging with an island in any sort of way will not be acceptable, This involves merging with another island to gain a higher spot in the island top for payouts or personal gain with teams. Items cannot be taken over if a player is kicked from another island and you are inviting them.

Island Boosting

Island boosting another island is not allowed and will hold severe punishments to both/multiple islands involved. Besides, People found boosting islands for island top gains will be held accountable and possibly harm the island's Value/Worth.

 Alt islands.

The use of any Alt island on the server for personal gain or to boost the island will not be tolerated on Fantasy, The player involved will be held accountable and possible island deduction from the player’s main island.

 Island Rotation

Island Rotation will be allowed on the server though we will not accept rotations a day before payout. If the island is caught rotating players within the 24-hour mark for payouts you will face punishments accordingly.

Scripting // Macros

Any sort of scripting/macros used on fantasy skyblock will result in an instant Removal from our Network. This will not be allowed on our network nor is it acceptable to do any sort of thing. However, chat macros are fine for players if used correctly. If caught overwise severe punishments will be accounted for.

Exploiting // Bug Abuse

Abusing bugs or exploiting anything outside of the spirit of the game is not allowed and will result in Value deductions/DQ. Examples of bug abuse include, but are not limited to, unauthorized methods of gaining mobcoins and/or money, duping of items, etc.
If caught you will face severe punishments and possible island deletion.

Refusal To Screen Share or Logging out whilst frozen

If any of our qualified staff members freeze you and have sufficient evidence towards screen sharing and you decide to refuse or log out this will result in the staff instantly banning you from our network.

Note: This will be a subject matter, we are aware people can crash before being screen shared.

Active cheats found in screen share or Modified recycling bin

Any active cheats found while being screen shared will result in a punishment discussed with the staff member/higher up. If you delete anything while you are frozen to try to hide evidence against you this will result in you being instantly banned.
Note: Admitting to cheating before being ssed will reduce your ban.

Automated work Such as AFK Mining, auto selling or Bots.

 Any sword of automation work will not be allowed on Skyblock, this involves the typical  AFK mining / f11 glitch or any 3rd party client will not be tolerated along with bots opening crates, dropping items or doing any automated actions other than to afk. We will not be tolerating it.


Allowed Modifications

Disallowed Modifications

- Minimap (Without player entities)

- Any sort of ghost / inject / program client

- 5 Zig

- Any sort of hacked client

- Fps Mod packs

- Minimap with player entities

- Armor status HUD

- X-ray or any X-Ray texture packs

- Potion status HUD

- OQ Minebot (only allowed for AFK purposes).

- Toggle sneak/sprint

- F11 Glitch

- Schematica (Printer is allowed)

- Any sort of macros/ Keybinds

(This also means no mouse macros or chat macros)

- Any coordination mod

- Any 3rd party programs that give you an advantage.

- Console/Badlion Client

- AutoClickers

- Replay mod

- Hyperium (Hypixel Client)

- Shaders

- LightLoader


- Discord Bots







Any questions on any other mods unlisted please be sure to check with a staff member!

Disclaimer: All punishments are final and will not be changed unless the staff see fit. In saying this we can give certain clearance to players under certain acts from other staff. Fantasy is not reliable for any user's actions towards the server in any shape or form.