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General Overview

Open Source Ecology (see is looking for an Event Planner for managing and executing Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps. This is a full time, project-based position, starting immediately, reporting to the OSE executive director. We are offering competitive pay based on experience and skills, $50-100k. This position is location-independent.

Do you think that  open source hardware can promote access and distribution of wealth? Do you want to collaborate with passionate, high performing team? Do you believe that we can do better by collaborating rather than working alone? Do you want to solve pressing world issues? Are you open to rapid learning across boundaries?

Currently, we are developing the 9-day Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp as an immersion education program to be deployed concurrently in multiple cities around the world. Based on the success of our first STEAM Camp, we felt that we can make a greater impact in the universe by offering collaborative design training for public development of common products. This program entails the development of open source hardware products, their marketing mix, and producer training- such that we democratize production and bring innovation back to every community. See the STEAM Camp Curriculum for the specific program.

The Event Planner will be responsible for managing and executing the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps as we expand this program. We plan to reach up to 24 events in parallel in cities around the world – such that at each parallel event – we have a combined effort of about 500 participants who can work together on collaborative design. Are you excited by the potential of such collaborative work, and do you have the management and operations skills to execute complex events to make this happen? Then this job may be for you.

Primary Responsibilities

We expect the Event Planner to be responsible for every aspect of the coordination, management and delivery of our STEAM Camps. This includes but is not limited to the following:

All of these responsibilities will receive support and involvement from the Executive Director and STEAM Camp instructors.

Work Expectations

Expectations for the Event Planner in the first 6 months include:

Candidate Expectations

We are looking for a highly relational applicant, capable of managing relationships and complexity, and open to learning new skill sets. The applicant should also be comfortable managing concurrent fast paced operations and comfortable with growth. Applicants must be fluent in English and proficient in written communications.

Applicants need not be technically proficient in open source hardware, but should have a basic level of hands-on building skills that allow for understanding of a product build process. Applicants should understand the open source ethic, and have some prior knowledge of the field, both technically and culturally.

Compensation will be based on experience and skills, with performance-based bonuses. Our intention is to align the variable compensation component to the benefit OSE receives from the success of the STEAM Camp programs.

OSE has been an all-volunteer organization for over a decade. You should come into this job expecting to have a major impact on OSE's execution and will have tremendous opportunity to shape the future OSE.

We are developing a quadruple strategy of: (1) running STEAM Camps; (2) producing kits; (3) running Summers of Extreme Design/Build and other immersion build workshops; and (4) Incentive Challenges. We want to expand and grow the STEAM Camps to provide a solid revenue stream, while building a platform for open source product development. The STEAM Camps would thus feed design and talent into kit production, summer camp programs, and incentive challenges. OSE's long-term goal is creating education campuses that serve as the next evolution of both basic and higher education towards integrated skill sets for the Open Source Economy. The STEAM Camps provide a boot camp for collaborative product development that carry us far towards our long-term goal: transitioning the economy towards collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance.

To Apply

To apply for this position, we have a 3 step process. Please read through the 3 step details so that you are well-informed about the overall process.

  1. Video of Interest - Initial application step. Please take this step with care
  2. Interview - pending a favorable Video of Interest
  3. Working Proposal - pending a favorable interview

1. Video of Interest. First, you need to prepare a 4 minute Video of Interest. Once you create your Video, please  fill out our Application Form, which should take less than 5 minutes.  To produce your Video of Interest:

2. Interview - Select candidates are invited for a 1 hour interview via a conference call with a web-cam. This interview is recorded for review by other team members.

3. Working Proposal - Applicants who pass the Interview stage are invited to produce a working proposal. This is essentially a plan that you would be able to use if hired. This is an interactive process that simulates the working conditions of collaborating with the Executive Director - as close as possible to how that interaction would look like if you were hired. Part of the evaluation is your capacity to work openly and collaboratively by publishing your plan transparently on an ongoing basis using our wiki and collaborative documents. The expectation here is engaging in an open, collaborative process.

You will have 1 week to complete this Working Proposal, and will be paid $500 for your time. Note that this payment is to comply with legalities of a working interview, and may not represent the full value of your time. The plan you produce should be rough draft, but it would be a start point for your execution if you were hired. Essentially - we believe that all the material you need to begin is on the wiki -  STEAM Camp - How It Works. How will you approach the plan? What steps would you take? We are interested in that process, and your journey should be reflected in what you document. You can ask any questions from the Executive Director to enable you to produce the plan.

Your Proposal should describe what you would do and what steps you would take to develop a plan to execute the first event: running 12 STEAM Camps in 12 large population centers around the world - as if it were to happen 3 months from your writing.

Your Proposal should naturally revolve around execution details of the Primary Responsibilities section above. At this stage, we are putting most effort towards, first, the development of the curriculum and second - developing the instructor team. Think of your proposal as a document that is not just a test exercise - it should actually be helpful to us in getting closer to the first event where 12 instructors are able to deliver the same event in 12 locations.  Make sure that you include a total budget, including your own pay. The proposal should demonstrate in as much detail as possible - your relational, strategic, organizational, collaborative, and execution capacity. Our goal in this exercise is to learn and experience how you think, learn, work, and collaborate.

Got questions?? Email us at info at