Dia de Los Muertos

I was nervous it was my first time though it hadn’t been more than a few months I missed my family terribly. I had died in a car accident, and today was Dia de Los Muertos. I had confidence that today was gonna go smoothly and I had other ancestors helping me through this. Grandma had told me all about it, there would be marigolds, sugar skulls and lots of food laid out for us. And of course there would be dances and lots of other thing to bring back in the afterlife, my new home.

        “I know I shouldn’t be worried but...my nerves just feel all messed up.” My grandma smiles and looks down at me, sitting at her feet sewing. “It’s a little scary the first time but there’s nothing wrong with going back home and seeing your loved ones, plus you never know when you might see a new family member.” She winks and I chuckle. “I know, I know-you’re right. Thanks, it’s just been a little since I saw mama and little April.” I smile sadly and look down at my stitching, “yes, but it’s been longer for me. Now, let’s start getting ready, wear something nice” she stands up and walks over to the room her and abuelo shared.

I stare at my closet, not too much variety         but thanks to grandma, still beautiful. She said “dress nice” so in that case a dress is the best occasion. I dig around my closet until I stumble upon a nice purple dress with yellow and green flowers, the last dress my mom had given me I smile and begin changing.

        I had been an hour since grandma had sent me to change, I looked fine. It was time for us to go back to the living room, and enjoy a little bit of time together before heading off to pick up the rest of our family and finally taking off to see our living family.

        We gathered around the TV. Both my grandparents sitting on the couch and my cousin sitting on the single couch whilst i sat on the ground, the same way I had been with me and grandma. “I don’t get it, why is she afraid of the phone? It’s nothing but modern technology,” Grandma whispers, not a very good whisper though,”see that’s the thing, modern technology IS scary but, she’s afraid because, once she receives a phone call someone is gonna show up at her house and murder her children, maybe her, or just let her go insane.” I jump at the description, I hadn’t realized how gory the movie was, my nerves had been keeping me distracted and hadn’t let me focus to well on the details of anything.

“What’s wrong hija? You’ve been out of it all day.” I rip my attention from fiddling with the hem of my dress to my grandpa’s voice.” I’ve just been little...tired I guess.” I mutter, smiling a bit.”Alright well, I believe it’s time we go to pick up your aunts and uncles.” He pats my shoulder and stands from his spot on the couch, grandma and everyone else stands with him and I’m the last to rise, reaching over for the remote and turning the television off.

When we’re all packed in the small car my grandfather had received when entering his new life, we begin heading over to the transportation, where I would see my family once more, for the first time in over a month.


The shock really hit me as I saw the portals, but excitement bubbled with the shock rather than nerves. I held my cousin’s hand, and we walked through the portal together. Through there we saw the graveyard, no longer holding each other’s hands for we had been in different graves. I saw marigolds making a path to what I believe is my parent’s house. I lifted    myself from my grave and follow the path, the strong smell, heavenly slowly melting into the smell of food my family had made.

I was in shock, it had been a while since I had seen all their faces, their smiles and I felt warmth flood me as I saw my family and I had no clue as to why I was nervous, this was a joyous occasion. And though in way it was sad, their lives would flash before their eyes and we would be united again, and one day I would help them walk their first portal. It would also be a happy occasion and I just couldn’t wait to dig in the food with both my dead and un-dead family.

                                                The End