Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. Mid Fall

Location: North East of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain about twenty kilometers away.

        After Iñigo, Roesia, and Charles left the city, they started towards the North East, as Mayor Antonio advised that the necromancers would come from. The started off for a day with little break in between. They were going to stay within the perimeter of the city, so that in case of an emergency, they would be able to return to the town.Charles, able to carry most of the supplies with the mule that he owned. “Wow Charles, I didn’t know you had such a large ass?”  “Yes, except that’s not a donkey, but a mule. Her name is Quesa. She has been in my family for thirty five years. My family being a bunch of transporters of goods, we’ve been connected to a pasture about seventy Kilometers south of here. I also don’t care for your humor, but we need to set up camp.” After that, they were able to make up the camp ground that would be their base of operations in defending the city from the Necromancers.

Being about nine weeks since departing the town, it’s been hard to keep clean, and prepped to fight when the time ask. Charles would go back to the town every other week to restock on the supplies from Antonio, but it wasn’t very eventful. The rain season started about the third week being out in the scrub didn’t help for any real protection from the elements. As Charles and Roesia would try to prevent the camp from getting soaked, but Iñigo would just be studying the rain patterns, observing the way the rain would interact with the nature. He would never retreat to cover like the others would, he would just stand out there, continuing to test his experiments. Iñigo had accepted that nature is the most effective way to study, for it caused the best results of how his hypothesis would translate to a non sterile location. The rain continued to poor for about four weeks after the fact, being one of the most wet seasons that was experienced by any of them. Charles was even a bit shook by the weather, for he knew that the cold wasn’t good for Quesa, and being that she was both a loved family member, and their only way of transporting goods, he made sure that she was wrapped well with as many clothes as possible, to prevent her from getting any illnesses. Roesia would prepare the meals, for both of the oguys didn’t cook often, and she preferred not to eat what they would make. She’d also helped nurse Quesa with Charles as well as the two working on securing the protection of the camp.

   Iñigo only worked to learn more, for he really never went out of the town to explore the natural elements of life. He spent every moment he could to learn more, to discover more, in hopes to aid his battle against the necromancers. He would also work on separating the water into the bare elements, collecting more resources so he wouldn’t end up running out of material mid battle. The plant life is what most interested him, for he knew that the Cursed One could control life itself. Iñigo figured that if he could do it so many centuries ago, then why wouldn’t he be able to think up something similar. The project to finding how to control life was short, for he needed to find a way to know what made up living things, and that was just out of his power. He also claim to the conclusion that maybe that was what caused the Cursed One to earn his title, thus he ended up leaving it be. He did however discovered something while trying to understand the functionings of life: mortality.

During their stay in the brush, there were many different wild life, including a lot of the local Chamois herding in that stretch of the woods, as well as a small group of Lammergeiers that tried to attack Iñigo while his was testing, but with minimum affect. Roesia ended up throwing sticks at them, hitting one on the head, and crippling its wing, causing the others to fly off. Charles yelled at her for injuring the bird, for he likes bird watching, but she then wacked him over the head with a stick. He fell on the ground, then Roesia went over to the bird, ended it’s misery, then they had it for their dinner that night. Charles sat with Quesa away from the camp, and Iñigo was just working on more experiments. Roesia was a bit lonely, Iñigo was able to noticed, thus took a break, and sat with her for the evening. They didn’t say much of anything to each other, or at least Iñigo stayed quiet, just to hear Roesia’s side of the argument from earlier. He didn’t respond, but truthfully didn’t need to. Roesia eventually eased up a bit after realizing that Iñigo looked exhausted. She hugged him, while doing so a bit of moisture formed from her eyes. She wasn’t exactly crying for him, more so the dryness after the rains caused her eyes to water up, but still pitied his restless work. Iñigo, on the other hand, tried to examine the tears that she was shedding, almost upsetting her, but realized that he did it with purpose of protecting the town, and even themselves from the wrath of the enemy.

It wasn’t until the end of the eighth week when Iñigo suddenly collapsed from exhaustion, causing Roesia to try to help him with the helping elixirs, and Charles to travel back to the town for additional aid to revive him. Iñigo slept for about two days before being able to get up. Roesia was crying when she saw that he was started to stir after the incident. He then tried to get up, heading toward the lab tent, but Roesia screamed at him for the mere idea. He had stayed bed ridden for about three days after that, to be back on his feet. He kept quiet while while recovering, apologized for his behavior, then gave her a hug. “Thank you Rose, you’re the best.” “You are to, Iñigo. Please, just don’t work yourself that hard again. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if you were to die over this.”

After the nine weeks, the group was almost ready to call it quits, and move back to the city until they find a new camp site, but then they got some news. The letter from the messenger that came with the news reported that:

To the Party of Alchemy,

I must dreadfully inform you that there has been reports of unusual executions coming up. At first we figured that they were from the church, attacking small travel parties they find, but this was a bit different. There were burn marks all across the ground of the incident, and the footprints from any potential threat, just the pause of the victims when the were murdered. We suggest you prepare, for they were located about fifteen kilometers from the west of your location. Sorry to inform you of such ill news, but we thought it would be necessary  for you hunt for the necromancers. If otherwise, prepare to hind from the missionaries. Charles, I respectfully ask you NOT to engage the threat, for I know your track record with the church, and the last thing we need is a scene from them. Hope the best of luck, and preparations for the battle ahead of you.

Signed by your friend and mentor,

Mayor Antonio Thethius.


        Iñigo then relayed the information over to the others. Charles stayed silent, and Roesia was yelling with frustration. Iñigo sat to think, not getting up at some time, about the fact that more people were dying by the hands of the enemy. “It’s time to go.” With that, Iñigo stood up and started walking the direction of the attack. “Wait for us then!” Roesia yelled, then the group packed up what was needed for the travel and went on their way.