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You can do a flight of any four beers on draft!

  1. Lakeside Blonde Ale (Slow Pour) $3/5/6.5/23

BLB //5.0%// 22ibu

Our pilsner recipe with kveik Lutra ale yeast, thus it is sort of a “pseudo” pilsner. Served on a micromatic slow pour handle. Pour can take up to 5 minutes!

  1. Mr. Willy, Sub for a Day-  $3/7/8/28 Hazy Double IPA

BLB //RLB, IL// 7.5% ABV // 10 IBU

Maltshake hazy double IPA with fantastic Strata and Cashmere hops!! We accentuated this one with loads of Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans for a nice, sweet aroma, that pairs well  with the tropical hops notes and slightly sweet finish.

  1. Savannah- French Saison w/ Peach - $3.5/6/8/28 (keep cold)

BLB//5.4% ABV // 21 IBU

French saison brewed with a touch of rye malt, DDH’d with Citra and Galaxy, then infused with a delicate amount of peach purée.  Named for our youngest daughter, Savannah, this beer has a delicate Georgia peach nose, with a hint of pepper, a small peppery flavor with slight citrus notes from the hops and balanced peach, followed by a delectable dry finish. A perfect hot day farmhouse Beer!

  1. *NEW* Pancho & Lefty - Mexican Lager $3/6/7/26

BLB//5.3% ABV// 20 IBU

Pancho & Lefty is a tasty Mexican Lager brewed with a touch of vienna, flaked maize and saaz hops.  Super Crusher!

  1. Galaxie:503 - Hazy Double IPA- 4/7/8/28  

BLB// 7.5% ABV// 10 IBU

BEER CONNOISSEUR MAGAZINES’ #16/44 Hazy IPA’s of 2020! Galaxy, Motueka, & Nelson Sauvin hops with real Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans!  Silky mouthfeel, milkshake flavor but no lactose.

  1. California Songs- West Coast IPA - $3.5/6/8/28  

BLB// /7.4% ABV// 56 IBU

Old school West Coast IPA with simcoe, cascade, citra, amarillo, chinook and centennial hops! Dry and hoppy!

  1. LÖÇÄL J- Hazy IPA - $4/7/8/28

BLB// 6.5% ABV// 15IBU

Local J is back! Our nod to the true East Coast Haze. We Brewed up this aromatically wondrous hazy with some delightful citra, ekuanot, and  bru-1 hops. Local J hits you hard with citrus aromas and finishes with a grassy, grapefruit zest.

  1. GAZOO DEW - Hazy IPA - $3/7/8/28

BLB// 7.2% ABV// 5 IBU

Hazy IPA with Medusa, El Dorado and Azacca hops! Engineered to smell like weed and taste like a citrusy caffeinated soda in a green bottle ;) In honor of Josh’s cousin, Billy Lindner. Prost!

  1. Blueberry Jam Session - Berliner Weisse - $3.5/6/8            

BLB// RLB, IL// 4.1% ABV // 10 IBU

Wonderful blueberry aroma coupled with a slight sweetness that matches the sourness and a nice dry finish. When you finish one, it’ll be just in time for the next one!

  1. *NEW* Orange Bandit- Hazy Double IPA- $3/6/8/28

BLB//7.5% ABV // 10 IBU

A hazy ipa DDH’d with Sabro and Cashmere hops for an orange flavor with a slight sweetness.


  1. Happy Accident -BA Razz Sour Stout $3/6/8 (on nitro)(no growlers)

BLB/ RLB, IL//  8.4% ABV// 20 IBU

Happy accident is just that. We barrel aged this imperial stout for 6 mo in smaller few bourbon barrels and they soured.  But no worries! Because it tastes amazing!  So we’ll take it! Drink up and enjoy our happy accident:)

  1. YOUR WHAT HURTS? - Imperial Stout w/Tala Coffee - $4/7/9 (on nitro)(no growlers)(have cans to-go)

BLB// /8.0% ABV// 45 IBU

A delectable coffee aroma gives way to the implied sweetness of the chocolate malts and spice of the rye malt. An actual sweetness brings a nice body and flavorfully balanced beer that is hard to stop at one with. Brewed with a special blended coffee, just for us, from our friends at Tala Coffee Roasters - Libertyville!

  1. Par 4 the Course - Guest Mead - $6/8/10 - No Growlers

Unpossible Mead// Dwight, IL // 7.0% ABV// 0 IBU

An Arnold Palmer inspired mead from our friends at Unpossible Mead!

Cans for In House

Eris Cider  - Guest Cider: Strawberry/ Blueberry - $9

pHizzy Hard Seltzer- Black Cherry/Creamsicle-$6

Left Fork Kentucky Common- $7

   BLB Riff Tracks- Dortmunder/ Vienna- $7

Box of Chocolates Collab 16oz- $10 (limit 1)

Thyn Mint Scout Stout 16oz- $7


Liquor & Wine (In House)

Kure’s - Colorado Mule - $9

Kure’s - Orange Cream Vodka Pop- $9

Sutter Home- Guest Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon/ Sauvignon Blanc - $7

Jameson/ Fireball/ Jäegermeister/ Tito’s - $5 shot-limited time

Pollyanna Craft Vodka- $7 shot

Non-Alcoholic Options

 Well Being India Pale Ale  NA- Non-Alcoholic, - $6

Well Being Amber Ale NA- Non-Alcoholic, - $6

Big Drop - Maya Mexican Lager- $6

Big Drop- Pine Pale Ale- $6

Root beer, Lo Cal Root Beer, cream soda and orange dream - $5

Cans TO-GO

(4 packs are to go and not for consumption onsite)

4 pack 16oz cans to go-

Left Fork $15 // Pancho & Lefty $14 //Orange Bandit $17 // Mr. Willy, Sub for a Day $17// Local J $17 // Your What Hurts? $17 //Thyn Mint Scout Stout $16// Box of Chocolates $30

Riff Track 2-Dortmunder $14//  Riff Track 3- Vienna Lager $14 // pHizzy hard seltzer- black cherry or creamsicle $14


Fire Stick Pretzels $5

White cheddar, dill pickle, salted caramel, garlic & onion, lime, smoked queso

Double G Craft Jerky 1-oz $7

Original, hot boom sauce

Double G Craft Jerky 2.5-oz $12


Craft Popcorn

Multiple Flavors - $6.50


What’s up next you ask?

Our fermentation tanks are named after Josh’s favorite guitarists, because he’s a nerd…

RHOADS- Amber Lager (Oktoberfest)

 IOMMI- empty


PAGE- pHizzy



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