Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

        This is the first battle against the necromancers. The whole town depends on me, possibly the world. I guess that means I will have to do my best. Iñigo began to draw his cards for the person challenged always goes first. “I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to show off my intense powers to mortals again, you defeating Alter has really aided my excitement for my master’s resurrection. Now let’s see what you have up your sleeves, alchemist!” “Alright, I set two cards and creation one oxymite from my hand, then I end my turn!” Iñigo then drew his H2Oers Dropletter. Good, that should give me an early advantage. “Well, not as exciting as I would’ve wanted, but you have to start somewhere. I guess I’ll do similar and set two cards, and create my own oxymite. That will be my turn’s conclusion!” “Now then, I will use my set research, Air Bubbles. I now can create a hydromite from my hand using one of my oxymite’s stages. I then create another hydromite. Now using all my elemites, I can create my H2oers Dropletter from my hand. It allows my to start up my H2O Assembly, then I create my oxymite from my hand. I then use my H2O assembly to create a hydro-token, then I can use my oxymite and hydro-token to create H2Oers Constructor from my hand. I then use my H2Oers Dropletter to attack your oxymite!” “Well, you might not want to get ahead of yourself as I use stopper project to prevent the attack.” “Then I’ll have water H2Oers Constructor continue the assault!” “I react with another stopper attack. I hope that wasn’t all you had to work with?” “I end my turn then. I didn’t think of you as defensive, but I shouldn’t underestimate you, now should I?” Iñigo then ended his turn with drawing Advancement in Research.

The others were at first impressed by the amount that Iñigo was able to do, but to then see his offensive stopped so suddenly, brought down their enthusiasm. “Come on Iñigo, you can do this, just wait for the next turn! He can’t last forever!” “I mean, that might be enough for the necromancer to set up for his own counter attack. I would hate to encourage him for more offensives when his opponent might be able to go over it.” Roesia wasn’t pleased with how the thief was looking at the battle. “I would normally yell at you by your middle name in anger, but I don’t even know any of your name to begin with. What’s your name?” “Oh, the name’s Charles. I would tell you my last name, but that might cause some issues.” “Issues?” “Well, I’m kinda related to an important person, but they thought they made me nonexistent, but as you can see, they didn’t. Now I’m here hiding from my relative, as to why I was in fear of the necromancers. They could potentially draw the outside world to this calm and isolated city. I wish the exact opposite to occur, thus I really need your friend Iñigo to defeat them. I don’t do alchemy at advanced levels enough to take them on in this, but a physical battle I would be able to top them. The only problem, they aren’t in our physical plain of existence. Me striking them does nothing but freaks out anyone in the area. This game will be Iñigo’s sword, thus I really hope he has mastered his weapon and mind for these creatures of the past.” “Me to.”

“I guess I will start my advance.  I now create another oxymite from my hand, then I will create my Sulfurite by controlling two or more elemites. Now I will create my compounder, Ignistor of Knowledge! I will now use my Ignistor of Knowledge to send 1 Ignistor card from my hand to the discarded waste, my Construction of the Ingistor, to add 1 Ingistor compounder from my resources to my hand, except itself. I’ll add Ignistor of creation to my hand. Then, because my Construction of Ignistor was discarded, I can restore one reaction or research from my discarded waste, being itself, and I can activate it this turn. I now activate my Construction of Ignistor to send one “Ignistor” compounder from my resources to the discarded waste, to create one Ignistor compounder from my hand!” During his plays, the necromancer continues to heat up by his power, starting sparks from his hands. In fact, Roesia was able to see that some of the shrubs nearby had lit up in fire from the play. “Hey, um, not to insult you, but your being a bit of a hot head right now.” “Ah yes, I have been heating up the place a bit haven’t I, I guess it will be your job to stop it then. I will end my turn with that for you have weakened my offensive just enough to get away from me this turn.” “Well, in that case, I will start my turn using my Advancement in Research, allowing me to use thousand funds to acquire more discovered points, now I will us my two compounder to create my Dy-H2Oers Drainer. I will use its ability to gain a whole thousand disclosed points. Now attack his Ignistor of creation, with your suction saber!” The watery creation that resembles a mighty alchemist warrior sucked up the fiery spirit into his weapon, discarding it and taking one thousand of the necromancers funds. “Well, you seem a bit better than I thought, or at the very least, extremely lucky. If the latter is correct, I wouldn’t put your guard down!” By taking away his funds, the necromancer’s flames started to die down. At the same time, however, Iñigo started to feel dizzy, and a bit faint. By that, the necromancer started to laugh hysterically.

“What’s so funny?” Iñigo started to cough a bit from the dryness, but had coughed up some blood as it happened. “Iñigo!” Roesia yelled, and started to run to him, but blocked off by a shockwave. The shockwave knocked over both Roesia and Charles to the floor. “You’re all so simple of beings! You thinking you can interfere with our battle without punishment is pathetic! I now see that you probably needed Alter more than you would’ve thought.” Iñigo was about to fall to the ground. “Of course I should have mentioned that by accepting my challenged, you have given me the right to take you soul into the next realm, to feed my master. If you win though, I will be the one banished from this reality, so let’s see who makes it out of here alive!” Iñigo had fallen to the ground, stunned for a couple minutes, still overall shocked by the way this was affecting him, but remembered that he wasn’t the only one on the line. Roesia was there, and Charles as he was able to over hear, and he had to fight for the entire city. Now, after seeing just how powerful these necromancers are, I know I’m truly fighting for the world. I mustn’t allow him to win just because I can’t handle the pressure. I need to prove that I can do this, for everyone!  

Iñigo started to get up, trying to not think of the pain that he was experiencing. “Is that... all you... got?” “Well look who decided to continue to play my little game. I was just going to wait until you fainted to determine it a forfeit, but it seems that you will continue to amuse me. Thank you I must say! I would have been awful if you lost so early on. You are my only competitor after all, and I want to have some fun with you before you decide to be boring to me. Now back to the battle!”