Updated 17/12/20

Available in stock now we have:

Lavender tang

Grazer blenny

Coral beauty

Bicolour Angel

Singapore angel

Yellow angel

Manderin green gobies

Yellow Watchman gobies

Diamond goby

Firefish gobies

Orange spot gobies

Long nose hawkfish

Marine Betta

Orange fin tang

Chalk goby

Black saddle clown

Bue regal tang

Volitan lion fish

Picasso trigger

Porcupine puffer

Tomi tang

Jewel puffer

Sailfin tang

Ghost goby  blenny

Percula clowns

Tomato clowns

Maroon clowns

Black ice snowflake + Platinum clown (pair)

Pyjama cardinal

Green chromis

Sixline wrasse

Strawberry basslet

Feather duster worms

Turban snails

Turbo snails

Halloween hermit crabs

Black/white hermit crabs

Skunk cleaner shrimp

Nassarius snails

Sandsifting starfish

Our selection of Corals and frags include:

Green Bubble Tip Anemone

Pulsing Xenia

Candy Cane Frags

Finger Leather Coral

Toadstool Leather Coral

Kenya Tree

Various Zoas

Mushrooms including: Ricordea, Discosoma and Rhodactis.

Both plain and salted RO water available in store along with various brands of salt, substrates and treatments etc.