Almont Summer School 2018

Journey’s in the Bible

 July 21-July 29, 2018


Marching out from Mt. Sinai   (Numbers 9:15-23 & 10:11-35)

Balaam and His Donkey (Numbers 22, 23:7-26, & 24:14-19

King David Brings Ark to Jerusalem (2Samuel 6)

3 Journeys of the Nativity

(Matthew 2)

Jesus at Noon in the temple (Luke 2:9:1-6)

Emmaus (Matthew 24:13-35; 50-52)

Position Description

Lecturer: The lecturer is responsible for the chapel service, morning lecture, and adult discussion group for their assigned day. Moreover, the lecturer should be ready and available to critically engage in discussions of the camp theme (especially their area) with campers who desire to investigate the topic more fully.

Clergy: All clergy working in staff positions are responsible for the spiritual care of the campers. **Must be a minister of the Swedenborgian Church


Chapel: Chapels introduce the theme of the day to the whole camp. Lecturers are encouraged to present material appropriate for all school age to adult campers. Creative approaches that include campers are always welcome. The format can vary.

Lecture: The Lecturer is responsible for 1 hour of Swedenborgian theological content, which can be presented or divided into a variety of different approaches (activities, lectures, a question and answer period is always welcome). Lecturers are encouraged to use the skills, talents, and presentation style they feel most comfortable with. The use of a variety of media is possible, but should be cleared for with the director at least one month ahead of time if you need A/V assistance.