Hamilton Ultimate Club

7th Annual General Meeting

Sunday Feb 10, 2019

Fortinos Main St W, Community Room



Attendance: Linda Kudo, Anneli Kaethler, Adam Lazenby, Kimberley Baxter, Jeremy Chacko, Matthew Gaster, Tamara Siwak, Heather Colterman, Chris Jackson, Warren Churchill, Rebecca Kawamura, Jessica Lazenby, Matt Caldwell, Neenah Navasero, Molly Kojder, Lincoln Abrametz, Aaron Petrina, Steph Hall, Larissa/Luisa Cucconi, Tara Dingman, Cameron Segger.  

  1. Call to order - Linda Kudo called to order at 2:15pm
  2. Establishment of Quorum - 21 members present at start of AGM, quorum met at 8.
  3. Appointment of Scrutineers - not required as there is no competition for positions
  4. Approval of the Agenda - MOTION: MOVED by Neenah Navasero, SECONDED by Cameron Segger and CARRIED that the agenda be approved.
  5. Declaration of any Conflicts of Interest - none declared at this time
  6. Adoption of Minutes of the previous Annual Meeting - MOTION: MOVED by Matt Gaster, SECONDED by Tam Siwak, and CARRIED  to adopt the minutes from the 2018 AGM.
  7. Board and Committee Reports
  1. League reports –
  1. Women’s indoor league - night changed from Fridays to Wednesdays. Several women have transitioned to 6v6 and summer league. Struggling for Winter season numbers. Have created women’s development coordinator role to strengthen agenda.
  2. Fall outdoor - change of format to speed point, 1 day tournament open to all instead of playoffs. Mostly positive feedback. Some ideas to try next time: 4v4 or 5v5 with smaller fields, maybe try timed games with double headers the first few weeks while daylight allows and 1 game later in season.
  3. Indoor 6v6 - Winter league changed from usual 4/2 to 3/3 Women/Open ratio. 10 teams, 6 women spots not filled, 13 open on waitlist. Positive feedback from captains and some players, different feel to the game. Challenges include finding appropriate/available subs for women.
  1. Financial report - appendix at end of minutes
  2. Ontario Ultimate - HUC is a member of OU, the provincial sports organization (PSO) for ultimate frisbee to Ultimate Canada (UC). They provide our insurance, hold regionals, and represent us to UC as well as carry out the mandate of UC in Ontario. Through HUC membership of OU, UC fees are reduced for competitive players. OU is under pressure as the 2 biggest leagues in Ontario (OCUA and TUC) are not members as they do not see this benefiting the majority of their members (who are not competitive players). OU is planning to change the membership fees to 2 streams - competitive and grass roots. OU is looking for people to join their board of directors. This is a bigger commitment than most HUC BoD positions as each OU BoD member has a project/portfolio to manage on a volunteer basis.
  3. Events –
  1. Unknown Legends 2018 - sold out with 10 teams, majority from outside of Hamilton. Used to be run in August and there would be more league teams but with change to June it became a tournament in preparation for touring teams.
  2. Unknown Legends 2019 - will be run by Molly and Rebecca.  Hoping to get fields at MAC Jun22/23 and run HUCis25 celebrations with a 1-day fun tournament for league members and Saturday party for UL and anniversary.
  3. Volunteer appreciation - last year this was field space / mini tournament and pizza supper that coincided with the Captain’s meeting in April. Good feedback and plan is for similar set up this year - April 23.
  1. Ultimate Canada Conference summary/highlights - Warren shared highlights from the conference in BC. HUC was able to share progress and learnings from our past year of work around equity and inclusivity. Committees
  1. Website - Cam Segger has been helping to make improvements to the website and is our new webmaster. He has experience with zuluru and website development.
  2. Youth development - 38 participants this past summer in 3 different age categories (4-8, 9-11, 12-15). Majority were not HUC parents signing their kids up. Considering different strategies to increase numbers.
  3. Year end parties - one new venue last year - Endzone. Good space. Just issues with under staffing. Not going back to thursday venue.
  4. 25th anniversary (2019) - 3 key focuses: 1) disc/logo design - winner of logo design is Aaron Petrina. 2) 1 day tournament and party incorporated into Unknown Legends. 3) update history, collect stories from past and present HUC members.
  5. Clinics - several clinics were planned/ run the past year. Several challenges - finding best times to run it, getting new people involved, deciding the focus. Need to decide ahead what topics covered, possibly a series and advertise with lots of notice.
  6. Equity & Inclusivity - has a meeting scheduled after the AGM.
  7. Rules - Dangerous Play Rule - Kim put together a Prezi to help explain the rationale and use of this rule. It was sent out with the latest newsletter. Need to continue discussions with league members and not just captains.
  1. New Business
  1. Touring teams - 1 team submitted request for sponsorship/supports - Crux. Exec will review and finalize with team.
  2. Logo design selection - New logo design revealed and will be sent to VC for finalizing and will be on new discs and hoping on other items as well. Congratulations to Aaron Petrina, winner of the logo design contest.
  3. Summary of survey responses - 88 respondents, key focuses (one-day tournament, women retention, social events)
  1. Election of new Directors - executive are acclaimed as there is no competition for positions. Linda Kudo continues as President 1 more year. Anneli Kaethler has resigned as secretary of the BoD effective today.
  1. Vice-President (2 year term) - Heather Colterman
  2. Treasurer (2 year term) - Jeremy Chacko
  3. Member at Large (1 year term) - Matthew Caldwell

Additional BoD appointments

  1. Conveners (1 year term)
  1. Summer Monday - Tam Siwak, Warren Churchill
  2. Summer Tuesday - Heather Patterson, Jon H
  3. Summer Thursday - Chris Jackson, Molly Kojder
  4. Fall Outdoor - Warren Churchill, Rebecca Kawamura
  5. Indoor - 6v6 - Matt Caldwell, Jessica Lazenby
  6. Indoor - 4v4 - Steph Hall, Molly Kojder
  1. Communications Director (1 year term) - Heather Colterman
  2. Social Media Liaison (1 year term) - Heather Colterman
  3. Events Director (1 year term) - Rebecca Kawamura
  4. Development Director (1 year term) - Adam Lazenby
  5. New Player Coordinator (1 year term) - Tam Siwak
  6. Webmaster (1 year term) - Cameron Segger
  7. Women’s Development Coordinator  (1 year term) - Luisa Cucconi
  1. Adjournment 3:45pm- MOTIONED by Matthew Gaster, SECONDED by Tam Siwak and CARRIED.


Financial Statement Report - HUC AGM 2019 - Feb 10, 2019