Excel & PeopleSoft (HCM Focus)

Session A | Notes taken by Rich Fayad


  1. Can you use the “&” with the CONCATENATE?
  1. Yes
  1. Can you use the “&” to combine cells instead of CONCATENATE?
  1. Yes, you just have to use caution to ensure you have the correct combination of cells and “&”.
  2. You will need to use the equal sign, first cell, “&”, then second cell.
  3. Can also use “&” to combine cells without any separators for vlookup
  1. How does Proper work?
  1. Demonstrated PROPER(text)
  1. Did conditional formatting by position for turnover counts but not by employee, is there an easier way?  Need count by position, who was in position at end of the year.  Need position, id, and date.
  1. Could try using a pivot table by position and use filters to get the counts.
  2. Use CONCATENATE to combine fields in order to make them unique first.
  3. Keep a master and formulas in a separate tab.  Refresh the master and the formulas populate with results from the newly loaded master.
  1. Use a table capture which is a Chrome extension on a query.
  2. Any other Chrome add-ons for PeopleSoft?
  1. Other hotkey is another type of add-on not specifically for PeopleSoft.


  1. Third Thursday for Excel tips on new and existing queries.
  2. Any other Chrome add-ons for PeopleSoft besides table capture and the one that lists the field names on the screens