May The Best Win

Cooperative Competition Is Fair Evolution.

The Fair Church℠ exists to facilitate fair evolution.

A society's notion of what is fair defines its culture: What it cultivates.  

Different cultures embody different beliefs about what is fair.  Since these beliefs determine the evolutionary direction by picking winners and losers, their adherents are acting as co-creators of a Creation.  This is the essence of theocracy.  

Even though people within a culture may agree on what is fair, other cultures -- by definition -- hold different beliefs about what is fair.  Their theocracies co-create, cultivate, different Creations.

The word "theocracy" has the connotation of imposing beliefs on those that do not agree with those beliefs.  If each individual were able to choose from a vast number of theocracies, and guaranteed migration to their preferred theocracy, a higher order of "fairness" would obtain:

Fair competition between
beliefs about fairness.

Please pause for a moment to wrap your head around that.  It is important to understand the US Constitution's original intent.

The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution was originally written by the States to grant the Federal Government enumerated powers and reserve all other powers to the States and their peoples, respectively.  States were not subject to the Bill of Rights -- but they were subject to the Commerce Clause which guarantees US citizens the right to migrate to States with which they agree. Enforcement of this guarantee, coupled with a diversity of States embodying different
beliefs about what is fair, is all that is necessary to contain State excesses against the individual.

The essential problem with slavery was slaves were not permitted to migrate to States with which they agreed.  The "solution" to slavery was a travesty of human rights, unconstitutionally arrogating to the US government de facto power to impose uniform law across all States.  Diversity has been sacrificed.  As a result the Constitution and civility in the US hangs by a thread.  Everyone is forced to advance their own supremacist theocracy, lest others impose their beliefs from the lawless center of power.