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Acceptable Use Policy
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Acceptable Use Policy

The St. Clair R-13 School District believes in the right of students and staff members to have reasonable access to technology resources to be used in an appropriate and responsible manner.


This Acceptable Use Policy applies to any situation where any person (or persons) utilizes the St. Clair R-13 School District’s technology resources.


The purpose of the St. Clair R-13 School District is technology resources is twofold:

The use of each individual’s activity with the St. Clair R-13 School District’s technology resources must be in support of these purposes and consistent with the educational objectives of the St. Clair R-13 School District.


Inappropriate use of the St. Clair R-13 School District’s technology resources may result in a suspension or revocation of this access.  Users must acknowledge their understanding of the general policy and guidelines as a condition of receiving access to these technology resources.


Regulations for the Acceptable Use Policy
I.   Usage Guidelines

A.       These guidelines should be followed concerning technology resources:

 Respect the privacy of others.  Do not seek information about, obtain copies of, or modify electronic information belonging to other users unless explicitly authorized to do so by those users.  do not share passwords with other or use passwords not belonging to you.

 B.    Activities involving use of the District’s technology resources must be in accord with employee handbook(s), student handbook(s), and relevant local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations.

 C.       Utilization of any District technology resource constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy.  Users acknowledge they have read and understand this Acceptable Use Policy and they shall be personally responsible for their acts or omissions in connection with utilization of this policy.

II.   Code of Conduct

A.        Unacceptable (and strictly forbidden) uses include the following: 

III.   Internet, E-mail & Networks


A.      Internet and e-mail services are provided by the St. Clair R-13 School District.

B.       Access to online resources will enable students, staff and community members to explore libraries, databases and bulletin boards while exchanging messages with users throughout the work.  Families should be warned that some materials accessible via the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or offensive to some people.  While our intent is to make Internet access available to further educational goals and objectives, students may find ways to access other materials as well.  We believe that the benefits to students form access to the Internet, in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration, far exceed any disadvantages.  But ultimately, parents/guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using technology resources.  To that end, The St. Clair R-13 School District supports and respects each family’s right to decide whether to allow their child to apply for access.

C.  Users have responsibilities


D.    Responsible users may NOT:

V.       Enforcement


  1. The St. Clair R-13 School District characterizes as unethical and unacceptable, and just cause for taking disciplinary action, removal of networking privileges, and/or legal action, any activity through which an individual violates this Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users.  If you feel you can identify as security problem within any St. Clair R-13 School District network, notify the teacher, administrator, or IT department immediately.  Do not show or identify a security problem to others.
  3. Any and all of the District’s network storage areas are District property.  Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and insure that users are using the system responsibly.  Users should not expect that files stored on District equipment will always be private.  Users are advised not to store personal confidential documents on district resources.  Network management, reporting and monitoring technology may be used for education and security purpose.
  4. The St. Clair R-13 School District may take disciplinary action at any time as required to enforce this policy.  Any employee of the St. Clair R-13 School District may request that the building supervisor suspend/close an account or deny/revoke/suspend specific access to technology resources for any user(s).
  5. Violation of this policy may result in revocation of utilization privileges, administrative discipline or criminal and civil prosecution.  The St. Clair R-13 School District is obligated to cooperate with government and civil authorities in the prosecution of any criminal and civil matter against any person who violates this policy, including disclosure of any records, information, data, images, communication, recordings, or other evidence in the custody of, or accessible by the District.
  6. The St. Clair R-13 School District regards any violation of this policy as a serious offense.  Violators of this policy are subject to disciplinary action as prescribed in this document and any student/employee handbooks.  Offenders may be prosecuted under the terms described in the law.

It should be understood that this policy statement does not preclude prosecution of cases involving criminal misconduct under the laws and regulations of localities.


V.     Disclaimer


  1. St. Clair R-13 School District will not be responsible for any damages you may suffer.  This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by own negligence, your errors, acts of God, or omissions.  Use of any information obtained via network and/or Internet services provided by the St. Clair R-13 School District is at your own risk.  St. Clair R-13 School District denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through network services or Internet access.
  2. Any user of the St. Clair R-13 School District’s resources agrees to accept the sole responsibility for abiding by the policies of any network or political or administrative domain his/her message traverse.  The user agrees that St. Clair R-13 School District has no responsibility to inform the user of the policies or regulations of those domains.
  3. With access to computers and people all over the world also comes availability of materials that may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of the school setting.  There may be some material or individual communications, which are not suitable for school-ages children.  The St. Clair R-13 School District views information gathered from the Internet in the same manner as reference materials identified by the schools.  Specifically, the district supports resources that will enhance the learning environment with directed guidance from the faculty and staff.  Exploration and manipulation of resources Is encouraged.  However, it is impossible to control all materials on a global network and an industrious user may discover inappropriate information.

 VI.                Application


  1. You must request access to the St. Clair R-13 School District’s technology resources.  This access includes connections to computers through the Internet, which will connect you with educational resources all over the world.  Please read the attached Acceptable Use Policy.  In submitting a signed application, you accept the responsibility of using any of the District’s technology resources in any appropriate manner.  Your signature indicating that you have read and agreed to this Acceptable Use Policy is necessary before access will be granted.  When you submit your signed contract, it will be kept on file as a legal, binding document.  In order to codify or rescind the agreement, you (if at least eighteen years of age) or your parent/guardian (if under eighteen years of age) must provide the Superintendent with a written request.
  2. Please speak with a teacher, principal, technology committee member or technology coordinator if you have any questions.


*  On the back page of your Student Handbook you will find a Student’s Contract for Access to Technology Resources.  Please Sign & Date this contract and return it to the appropriate first hour teacher.