2017-2018 Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club

Season Overview

Rev3: 10-9-17

(Note: For the SHMGC 2017-18 detailed schedule of events go to the ‘Calendar of Events” Tab under the “Annual Schedule” Tab.  More detail for specific events can be found under the “Special Competitions” Tab in this same section.)

Gentlemen Golfers:

Welcome to the 2017/18 Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club event schedule.  Please take a few minutes to read through the full schedule, mark your calendars, and be ready to have some fun in the sun, with your many buddies.  You will note a few changes in the schedule and formats, but for the most part we are sticking with what has worked in the past.  As in the past, it will be important to insure we all keep accurate score cards, and post our scores within 48 hours of play, unless the Handicap Committee (“HC”) does so, which the HC will do on All Thursdays. 

Pace of Play:

This is a review of the PACE OF PLAY discussion of last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.  This past golf season we talked regularly about the need to improve our overall pace of play.  Progress was made in the 16/17 season.  There is greater awareness of the need to essentially “be more focused” in preparing for a shot, moving on right after the shot, being prepared on and around the greens, and getting out of the way after you and your foursome have completed your putting.  Here are a few reminders and helpful suggestions for all of us to follow to insure we keep moving forward, and making the golf experience at Shadow Hills enjoyable:

On-Line Sign-ups:


No-shows have continued to be a problem at our course, most often the result of (1) a player  signing up but unable to play, and forgets to cancel, OR (2) someone else signs a player up in anticipation of playing together, but fails to advise that player, who does not show up.  Always look at the Pairings Sheet when it is posted on-line to insure you are indeed signed-up, or not, where you are starting, and who you are playing with.  IF YOU ARE NOT PLAYING FOR ANY REASON, contact the Pro Shop immediately to take your name off the roster, as this may very well allow a Wait List player to join the field.

Green Tee Play:

Green Tee participation surged last year as more and more members are finding it to be a more enjoyable golfing experience.  In many events half the field was playing Green Tees.  Virtually all Thursday Men’s Club Events now have discrete White and Green Tee flights.   We encourage Green Tee participation for any and all.

 Hole in One Insurance:

Hole in One Insurance:  All players are encouraged to “purchase” Hole in One Insurance for $5.00.  Once a player gets a verified Hole in One, and is paid out, the pot goes to zero, and each of us is encouraged to buy back in for $5.00.  Payouts are limited to Men’s Club sanctioned Thursday events only (including the Friday round of the Club Championship); the player must have completed the official round of 18 holes; signed, attested and turned in a valid score card; and not be subject to any rules violations that might result in the disqualification (DQ) of his round/score.  It is expected that any player lucky enough to score an ACE during Men’s club play will buy a round of beer out of his winnings for all game-day participants.  Since we now have tee times the man with the ACE will host an “open bar” for one week to purchase a beer or soft drink (no Dom Perion ’59 please) for his mates.  Shadows will have a list of all the Thursday participants who will have until 5:00 PM the Thursday following the ACE to belly up to the bar.   Of course, any monies remaining are for the player to use as he wishes.

On-Line Payments:

Making your payment for golf and the Thursday “Buy-in” on-line is the only way to go.  It is easy, quick, convenient, and makes the morning check-in process much simpler.  Simply arrive, check-in, get your cart and card, and go practice

Let’s make the 2017/18 golf season the very best.  Meet new friends, improve pace of play, earn a few Pro Shop credits, maybe qualify for the Hodgkins Cup, and enjoy this great course called Shadow Hills.  And remember, USGA rules will govern all play except for local rules as determined by the Sun City Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club.

Thank you,

The Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club Tournament Committee.