PSL League Office: 

PanthersNation7  |  fordtuff504  |  MrPromax  | TheTrickster826 | MMDACancino | PUBA1978


Quarter Length: 9 Minutes

Accelerated Clock: 20 Seconds

Game Speed: Normal

Difficulty: ALL-MADDEN

Mode: Simulation

Sliders: Custom

XP Sliders: Custom

League Type: Created Coaches Only

Practice Squad Stealing: On

Advance Times

Regular Season: Every 48 Hours

Preseason: Each week advances every 10 minutes following the draft. Leaves enough time for cuts, signings, and game prep.

Postseason: Every 24 hours, though we will be somewhat flexible. We expect a sense of urgency on the part of playoff teams in scheduling though

Offseason: 24 hours per stage

General Rules

  1. PLAY SIM!: Goes without saying, but all owners in PSL are expected to abide by our rules and avoid exploits and lobby play by all means. This is non-negotiable.

  1. Game Streaming: Every game must be streamed by the home team with the link of the stream posted in our chat before kickoff.

  1. Twitch Archiving: If using Twitch instead of YouTube, each owner MUST set their twitch account to archive their streams. You can do this by following these steps:
    1. Go to Twitch.TV and log in using your twitch ID
    2. Click on your ID and go to “Settings”
    3. At the top underneath the ‘Settings” header, click the “Channel & Videos” tab.
    4. Find the “Archive Broadcasts” checkbox underneath the “Channel Settings” section.
    5. Click that box and you’re all set.

  1. Team Switching: Owners will NOT be allowed to switch to teams as they open. You will only be able to switch if another owner wants to trade teams. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  1. GroupMe: Most, if not all, of our league communication is done through our league chat on GroupMe. There is a web version and a free app, we encourage everyone to be engaged in the league by using the app. It is a requirement to be in our chat and reachable.

  1. Game Scheduling: Owners are expected to schedule within the first 24 hours of an advance. If your opponent hasn’t responded, we will either reward a Win or allow you to play the CPU. If we find owners aren’t being communicative, you will be warned or replaced. If an owner no-shows for a scheduled game without notifying their opponent, this will result in a warning, or immediate ban depending on that owners reputation.

  1. Force Wins: Each team is allowed TWO force wins per season. Once your two force wins are used, you will have to either play the CPU or take a straight sim. However, you can decide when you use them, meaning if it’s Week 3 and your opponent can’t play, you can choose to take a straight sim or play the CPU if you’d rather save your forces for later instances should they arise. Also, if a team is controlled by the CPU for your game, you can take a force without it counting against your FW cap.

  1. Quitting: We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to a member quitting a game, you will be booted.

  1. Custom Playbooks: We allow owners to use their custom playbooks, but make sure the PB has a wide variety of formations and plays. A custom PB will not be a valid excuse for repetitive play-calling, or an excuse for relying on exploited plays.

  1. Coaches Decision Play Calling: This is NOT allowed. With various rules in place to prevent repetitive, and/or overpowered playcalling, banning this is needed to ensure everyone operates within our rules.

  1. Complaints: If you feel a member has broken rules, or is unsim, we encourage you to speak up to one of our MODS. We want to keep the Sim in PSL.
  2. Pre-game Jersey Selection: If you decide to change uniforms before a game, make sure you are picking the same color that was originally selected. (Example: If you are the Panthers at home and the jersey is default black, you may only change the jersey to another solid color, not white).


  1. QB Runs: QB Sneaks are banned in any and all situations.

  1. Fake Hikes: Do NOT spam. Should not be used multiple times during the same play, or frequently throughout a game. This is to be used to keep a user or controls DL off balance, but shouldn’t be part of a gameplan. Exploiting the defensive AI by trying to get them to jump offsides all game is considered cheap and will not be allowed.

  1. Hurry Up: You are allowed one hurry up series per half outside of two minutes. If down two or more scores (9 points or more) in the second half, you may run a hurry up as often as you like.

  1. 2-point Conversions: We do not have a limit of how often you can attempt a 2-pt conversion, we just ask that all owners use their best judgement when doing so.

  1. HB/WR Screens: Keep these realistic. We realize sometimes the defense dictates calling a screen, but keep it to a SIM level and DO NOT ABUSE. A screen play must be thrown to the intended target, no passing to a WR on a HB screen.

  1. HB Runs: As with all other aspects of the game, we expect each team to mix up their runs. Runs outside the tackles and out of 3WR+ sets should be called less frequently than all other runs. This is due to them currently, and historically being overpowered. (Amended 12/2018)
  2. Near Formation Runs: ALL runs from Near formation are banned in short yardage situations on 3rd and 4th downs. These runs are akin to how overpowered FB runs have been in years past. This ban is for any 3rd or 4th down with 5 yards to go or less.

  1. Motioning: When motioning any player, you must wait for them to set before hiking the ball. Once you motion a player, he must stay there.

  1. Quick Hiking: After players set, you must wait 2+ seconds before hiking so the defense can make adjustments.

  1. FB Runs: FB runs are banned in the following situations:
    - 3rd and 2 or less
    - Any 4th down
    - Inside your opponents 5 yard line
    - HB’s are never allowed to line up at FB

  1. Fake FB Dive/HB Toss: In situations listed above where FB runs are banned, so is the fake FB dive HB Toss.

  1. Milking The Clock: You may only milk the clock when there are two minutes or less in the half or end of the game. EXAMPLE: Do not run the play clock to under 10 seconds every play.

  1. Play Action: Play action should be used in SIM situations. Cancelling play action is illegal, as is calling a play action pass on 3rd and 5 or longer.

  1. Play Calling: Don't be one-dimensional. We expect every team to mix up their play calls. Even the most pass happy offenses run the ball, and vice versa. Don't run the same plays, mix up your calls in every facet of the game.

  1. QB Dropbacks/Rollouts: Dropbacks more than 10 yards or instant-sprinting after a hike are NOT allowed. You must also not roll-out and wait for receivers to break off their routes or for a defender to leave his assignment. Once you reach the numbers, you must either throw to a receiver, run it, or throw out of bounds.

  1. Goal-line Formation: You are only allowed to run goal-line inside your opponents, or your 5-yard line.

  1. Score/Stat Padding: If we find out you are running up the score, or running unnecessary plays to boost your players stats, it will result in player suspension or possible dismissal from the league. Once you have a big lead in the 4th (21+ points), you should be looking to run the clock. This can be done by keeping drives alive by running, short passes, etc. If you’re throwing streaks and deep passes when you should be looking to wrap up the victory, it will be dealth with.

  1. 4th Down: 
    You may go for it on 4th down when:
    - Inside your opponents 50 when it is 4th and 2 or less.
    - On your opponents side of the field in the second half while down 14 or more.
    - Losing by 9 or more in the 4th quarter.
    - Late in the 4th where its obvious that you can't give the ball back.
    - FB and QB dives are NOT allowed on 4th down.


  1. Nano Blitz: If we find out or see of any nano blitzing, it will result in an immediate boot from the league.
  2. Man vs Zone: Mix up your man and zone calls throughout the game. Relying on one or the other too often will lead to player suspensions.

  1. User Catching: We ALLOW defensive user catching.

  1. Safety Movement: You may move one safety (not both) presnap, as long as it is not excessive and unrealistic (i.e moving safety around like a chicken with its head cut off). The safety must stay in the linebacker box, not brought up to the LOS (unless in a mass defensive shift)

  1. D-Line Movement: You are NOT allowed to manually move any defensive lineman presnap. You may use the group shift feature as you see fit.

  1. LB Movement: You may ONLY move a LB if you are controlling him.

  1. Play Calling: Mix up your playcalls, mix up your plays calls, mix up your playcalls...

  1. Pass Rushers: You must rush AT LEAST 3 defenders every play (Contain counts as a rusher on DL)

  1. Press Coverage/Show Blitz: Keep these at a minimum. Do not press or show blitz every play, mix it in.

  1. Personnel: Any defensive formation with SIX or more Defensive Backs (CB+FS+SS) can only be called if the offense has FOUR or more Receivers (WR+TE). This rule is void when the offense is trailing late in the 4th and clearly needs to pass.

  1. Run Commit: Run commit is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances.

Special Teams

  1. Onside Kick: You may only attempt an onside kick in the 4th quarter when trailing.

  1. Fake Punts/Kicks: You are allowed ONE per game. You shouldn't be running fakes every game though.

  1. Punts: Line drive punts are not allowed

  1. Kick Arc: On

  1. Backward Running: On Punt and Kick returns, you should always be pushing up field. Running backwards or sideways is not tolerated.

Roster Management

  1. Position Changes:
    QB - No changing
    HB - To WR only
    FB - To HB or TE only
    WR - To HB Only
    TE - To WR or FB only
    OL - Interchangeable
    DL - Interchangeable (DE may move to OLB)
    LB - Interchangeable (OLB may move to DE)
    DB - Interchangeble (CB to Safety only allowed if CB speed is 89 or lower)

  1. Contracts (Bonuses): Keep contracts SIM. A signing bonus (guaranteed money) must be at least 25% of the total cost of the contract. If you’re offering a 4-yr/$40m deal, the signing bonus must be at least $10m. This only goes for players earning more than $3m a year.
  2. Cap Penalty: Trades involving players with a cap penalty of $10m+ will most likely be vetoed. Only chance of approval would be if the league office determines the team can withstand the penalty without damaging its short and long term viability.
  3. Offseason Free Agency: Any player that is 28 yrs old or younger and an 80+ overall must be offered a contract of 3 years or more.

  1. Newly Acquired Players: You are not allowed to trade any player during his first year on your team (draftee, trade or free agent acquisition)
  2. Post-Season Roster Moves: During the playoffs, you are not allowed to cut any players from your roster.
  3. Player Cuts: You are not allowed to cut players and resign them to cheaper deals.
  4. Resigning Players: If you fail to resign a player during the season and lose him after the Offseason resigning period ends, the league office will not keep them off limits for you. It is incumbent upon all owners to be on top of their teams without the league holding their hands. If a new owner joins late in the season and is not able to resign key players, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  5. Position/Roster Minimums: There must be 50-53 players on your roster at all times. You must keep 3 tight ends on your team and on your depth chart.

  1. Depth Chart: Your 3rd Down back MUST be a HB. Backup FB must be a TE or FB, not HB.

  1. Trade Rule: While we want to be as fair as possible, there is certainly something to be said about earning the right to make big trades. If you’re an owner who has been with us and proven to be reliable and active, we are more likely to let a big name get traded. Newer owners, or owners who have been flaky in the past will be scrutinized more. We understand everyone wants to build their team, but it’s important as a league that we ensure every teams resale value doesn’t plummet if an owner quits. While it is a delicate balance, we will do our best to not handcuff owners who want to put their own stamp on their teams. NOTE: Season 1 trades will be heavily scrutinized when it comes to bigger name players, we will really only allow role players to be dealt. Once the offseason begins, things will open up more.

  1. Trade Approval: All trades must be posted in the trade approval thread. Mods will discuss each trade and render a verdict. You are allowed TWO trades during the season, and TWO in the offseason.

  1. Trade Limit: During Season 1, each owner is allowed ONE trade. Starting in the first offseason, that number will rise to TWO. After the first season, you will be allowed TWO trades during each season and offseason.

  1. Draft Picks: You should not have more than 10 draft picks in any single draft.

  1. Draft Day Trades: Draft Day Trade Deadline is 3 hours before the scheduled draft start time.

  1. Preseason Free Agency: During every preseason, each team is allowed one free agent signing per week. There is no limit during the regular season

  1. Contract Length: 99ovr-80ovr - 5 year MAX | 79ovr and below - 4 year MAX. This includes both resigning and free agent contacts. (Amended 12/2018)