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Student Reimbursement – Travel
Updated automatically every 5 minutes


 Student Reimbursement  Travel

Go to

Click on Payment Request

Select Dartmouth Student

Select Travel/Business Expense

Fill out the eForm

All fields with a * are required

Payee Name: Enter last name, first name, and select the appropriate mailing location

If you are unable to locate your name in the list of values, then check “New Payee/Address” box below.  A box will appear, enter your name and address where you want the check sent.

Business Purpose:  Enter the reason for the travel.

Payment Type: Leave as Travel/Business Expense

Payment Amount: Amount of Reimbursement.

Travel Destination: Where you traveled

Meal Reimbursement:  Actual or Per Diem

Dates of Travel:  Enter the date/dates of your travel

Chart Strings:  Enter the chart string that will support this expense

Travel/Business Expense Itemization:  There is an itemization page to list your expenses. On the main forms page select “Travel/Business Expense Itemization”.  Once completed upload with your receipts to the eForm. 

Attachments:  This is where you will upload your itemization and receipts (if required).  Receipt is not required for items under $75.00

Approvals: Select the appropriate faculty that has approval for your travel.  To add approver enter last name first and select the correct name and hit “Add this Approver”. For Grant approval please add Audrey VanZandt.

Submit:  When you are done filling out the form hit submit.  You will get an email indicating the status of the submission.