The Peacock And The Vulture

by Duncan Jones

The peacock and the vulture

Both dressed by circumstance

One an underwater sunset

One had not the slimmest chance

Or so was often said

But the vulture learned to soar

And time and patience came around

To settle evenly the score ...

Was once a lovely ladybird

The talk of every wing

And when they were not talking

All listened to her sing

Peacock with his fancy style

Came strutting blue and green

One day put wing around her

(Leaving no room in between)

Sweet Ladybird quite ladylike

Brushed off the compliment

But Peacock's pride was far too grand

To suffer ding or dent

Peacock proposed to Ladybird

“You are (like me) a catch!

And so it's only natural

That we should be a match!

Unique your voice and beauty!

Come stand beside my feather!

Now tell me my fair Ladybird

What could possibly be better?”

But Ladybird ignored him

For he wasn't quite her type

And her mother always warned her

That she not believe the hype!

And then a day quite rainy

She spied the Vulture lone

Who smiled at her as vultures do

And moved to share his scone

What he lacked in surface color

He made up for all day long

For vultures are intelligent

And their wings are very strong

So laughter was the order

Which soon grew into love

One day Vulture said to Ladybird

“You're the one I'm thinking of!”

And when Peacock saw the couple odd

He cried out, “Why! Oh! Why?”

So turning back the ladybird

Gave him final kind reply ...

“Oh dearest Blue and Green

How is it you don't see?

You spend such time upon yourself

That you'd never think of me!”