Lucky Break Escapes, LLC

Written: 09/23/2018
Updated 08/03/2019
Version 1.4

George Nicksich
          Justin Barbour

Purpose Statement

Lucky Break Escapes, LLC intends to create an environment for both the corporate market as well as serving local families with a place to come together and solve puzzles for a common goal. Lucky Break Escapes, LLC will accommodate guests from ages 5 & up, a demographic which most escape rooms are not geared towards.


  1. Secure funding to procure lease and pay for necessary renovations prior to opening; October 1st, 2019
  2. Renovate space and start marketing campaign pre-selling bookings; October 30th, 2019
  3. Open fully to general public and begin daily operations; December 1st, 2019 

We are seeking capital to expedite our opening. We are seeking approximately $25,000 from a variety of sources. On hand, we currently have approximately $6000, as well as some assets necessary for operations totaling roughly $2000. We estimate that with total additional funding in the amount of $25,000 we would be operational in 2 months time and expect to be able to repay the loan within 3 years.

Executive Statement

Lucky Break Escapes, LLC Is seeking to open in Benson, NC, namely the McGees Crossroads area. We will offer puzzle rooms for Corporate use, as well as the general public. We aim to open a room suitable for young children, ages 5 and up, to participate in the escape room experience with their family and friends. For further information, please contact George Nicksich or Justin Barbour at

Mission Statement

The Mission of Lucky Break Escapes, LLC is to provide a safe, engaging, fun, entertaining, and purposeful venue in the tri-county area. We promise to listen to our guests, constantly seek ways to improve our business, and regularly give back to the community.

Business Information

Our escape room will be serving a unique market in an area of massive growth, both in general population as well as the amusement sector. Lucky Break Escapes, LLC intends to open in the area of Benson, NC, near the intersection of Hwy. 210 and Interstate 40. We are seeking a location in a populated area that has very little entertainment options nearby, providing families and businesses a place to explore close to home or work. The area has been growing rapidly, with new businesses such as Fiesta Mexicana, Waffle House, and several others opening within the last 6 months. Lucky Break Escapes, LLC intends to be a Private LLC with two co-owners who hope to open for business by December, in the year 2019.  We are open to including a third business partner.

Business Description

Lucky Break Escapes, LLC is a multi room puzzle with one room solely dedicated to families of children age 5 & up allowing them to solve the puzzles together. The kid friendly room is a unique offering from other escape rooms in the area. Other rooms are dedicated to more advanced puzzle solvers and may take more time. These rooms are open to businesses for Team Building as well as the general public.

We will offer discounts of up to 20% for all members with a valid Military ID, as well as First Responders and Teachers in an effort to thank them for their dedication.

We intend to offer unique puzzles which will challenge even the most advanced players.

Our puzzles are designed to be quickly reset, offering a low turnaround time, which decreases wait time while increasing capacity and potential profits.

The area we are intending to be located in has only one other escape room within a ten-mile radius. There are also few options for other forms of entertainment in that same radius.

The available population from recent census figures show 113,000 people within a 15 minute drive of our projected location. That number grows exponentially within 25 minutes. Wake County, (roughly 8 miles away) is home to over 1 Million residents.

Market Research

In North Carolina, there are currently 87 escape rooms listed in a directory, which gives a market saturation per 100,000 residents of .85%. A Google search shows 5 establishments offering 27 rooms within the Raleigh, Durham, RTP area. A closer look reveals three businesses within a 20 minute drive of Lucky Break Escapes, LLC intended location. Those are one in Smithfield and one in Garner, each offering 3 individual rooms, and a new room opened in July of 2018 in Clayton. Please note that the Garner location was included in the Raleigh figure above as well. There are locations in Fayetteville and Goldsboro also. With our intended location nearly an hours drive from these cities, Lucky Break Escapes will offer fans of escape rooms the chance to experience our rooms as well. Most escape rooms will run a game for a period of 6 months to one year before changing it to a new theme or puzzle, which creates a market for fans to travel to other locations to experience something new while their “home” escape room revamps and offers a new challenge. Lucky Break Escapes also plans to be adaptable to changing codes, clues, and locks within a room for a new challenge should a player want to revisit the same room and try again.


Competitors within a 10-mile radius include just one other escape room. Also within that radius is an outdoor play area (which has been closed for the last two seasons) Expanding out further to within a 15 mile radius we find that there are three other escape rooms, as well as a high speed Go-Karting venue, a couple of Bowling alleys, and two Golf Driving Ranges.

Our Competitors offer:


Rainbow Lanes; Buffaloe Lanes South-- Offers weekly bowling leagues for adults and children, open year round, not affected by adverse weather, offers food onsite.

Conundrum Escapes; 6th Se6se Escapes; Ready, Set, Escape-- Operational in a high traffic area, not affected by adverse weather, open year round

Rush Hour Karting-- Open year round, not affected by adverse weather, offers season passes, and food on site in cafe


Conundrum Escapes-- Located on connector street in poorly visible lot shared by other popular businesses with same operating hours. Not appropriate for kids aged 5 & up, which limits family participation.

6th Se6se Escapes-- Located in dense shopping plaza with signage difficult to see from the roadway. Room difficulty is high.

Ready, Set, Escape-- Located along busy highway with limited parking. Located between two stop lights, parking lot dimly lit.

Rush Hour Karting-- Higher priced entertainment than escape rooms. Located on a connector street, requires a safety class and special protective attire, with additional costs involved.

Lucky Break Escapes, LLC

Start-Up Costs

Our start up costs include Assets/Set Design, Equipment, Rent, Salaries, Advertising, Office supplies, and Insurance. Our initial investments are included in the chart below also.

Financial Projections
Population Data
Given the Census Data of 2015 and using a conservative format for anticipated customer base the following is projected. We assume that 45% of the target population will hear about our business and be interested, and of that 45% we assumed 10-60% will patronize once within the year and pay full ticket price.



Assuming 45% of total population is targeted and interested and...

10 miles

75,000 persons

15 Miles

188,000 persons

20 Miles

371,000 persons

10% Patronize once/year




25% Patronize once/year




50% Patronize once/year




60% Patronize once/year




Population that Patronizes once/year


Sales Per Assumed Demographics From Above Table

















Assuming 45% of the population is within age range 5-65, and at a ticket price of $25 each, we estimate that we need just 4.5% of the total population within a 15 mile radius to visit our establishment once a year to become profitable.

According to each individual counties web site, the median income is
Johnston County:         $48,599  
Harnett County:         $47,930
Wake County:                 $66,579



































National Kids Count

Growth Projections

Several new subdivisions within the 10-mile target radius are either in the process of being built, or expected to begin building within the next year or two. The net population is expected to grow by an estimated 3-5% over the next two years. And with the completion of the planned I-540 Loop within the next ten years, the target population within 20 miles will have a better route of travel to Lucky Break Escapes, LLC by bypassing collector streets.

Internally, as the sales increase, our internal staffing is expected to grow by 100-150% within two years. Also, with new themes being integrated on a regular basis, the potential for repeat customers, as well as new guests, will provide a greater basis of sales. And with a nationwide database being available to subscribe to, Escape rooms have tourists visiting as well. Adding to potential sales will be the creation of unique themes and unique puzzles which can be patented and sold to other escape rooms. With the right location, we plan to have a multi-use room with built in observation area, projector for business meetings, as well as a party room for celebrations.