Deleting Lost Copies

Step 1: Obtain a listing of lost copies

You can do this by going to Reports->Report Builder->Deleting Lost Copies Report (Look for

Click Run


  Download as an Excel file.


Step 2: Isolating the Lost titles

Open Excel.

Open File. Highlight Row A. On the Data button at the top, click Filter.

Click on the arrow next to the Status and uncheck all options except Lost. Click OK.  This step is crucial so you don’t delete every copy in your catalog!!

Copy the barcodes for all the lost books.

Step 3 Deleting Lost Copies

Open a Notepad File (TextEdit for a Mac). DO NOTE USE WORDPAD.

Paste the barcode copies in the file and save as .txt

Now, go back to Destiny and click on Catalog=>Update Copies=>Batch Delete Upload File

Click on Track as Weeded so you can run a report of book deleted.

Click Update and you are all set!