Minutes  for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

​​​5:30 P.M.  Joslin Memorial Library

​​​  Wednesday, January 9th, 2019


Present:  David, Sally, Jean, Carol Trish, Katie, Anna, Sandy Reilly


Additions or Deletions: None


Consideration of Telephone proposal, Kris Merchant attending and presenting.


             Chris presented options for a new phone system

             Chris will check with Bob Cook to see if we need another line.  He’ll bring us a new proposal in the next few days based on our input.


Approve Draft Minutes:  Unanimously approved.


Friends of the Library Report

             Sandy Reilly presented in Liz’s absence.


Children’s Librarian’s Report:

             Anna presented her report.  It mostly refers to children’s story programs.  Several have been held at the church.  The children’s books have been moved into the main space until all the books are taken out of the library.  A new author, Daphne Kalmar, will be presenting March 16th.  The three Valley librarians have been talking about summer programs.


Library Director’s Report


             Katie presented highlights of upcoming programming. She informed us that we received a $3125 grant from Green Mountain Global Forum for programs.

             The library will close on the 17th for about 2 1/2 weeks.  The 18th is moving day for the books and other materials.



Old Business – Progress on Renovations


             Anticipated finishing date is around the end of February.

             Elevator will be installed this coming week.  Bathroom tiles are done.

             The new gas fireplace has been selected.

             We’ll ask Katie to post our closing dates in the Valley Reporter and on our web site.


President’s Report:

                          Jean will check with Katie about progress on our 5 year plan.  The three libraries have set some joint goals.


                      Next board meeting: Talk about our 5 year plan and policies.  Joy will meet with us when we’re ready to discuss specific policies.

                      Vote on Town Office as new venue for warning our meetings.

                      Review percentages of Fayston/Waitsfield patron usage to determine each town’s share for funding.  The patron list will reflect this.


Treasurer’s Report:


             Sally shared the Edward Jones and TD Bank figures.


Financial Report:


             David shared our “profit and loss budget vs. actual” sheet


Executive session to discuss personnel pursuant to VSA 313


             Trish moved and Sally seconded a motion to go into executive session at 7:18.


Jean moved and Trish seconded coming out of executive session at 8:10.


             The Board decided that it will review all staff salaries/benefits on July 1st.


The meeting closed at 8:20.



The next regular meeting will be March 13th, 2019.


Respectfully Submitted,


Carol Hosford, Secretary