Alejandro Solano


Week 9 Reflection

For this week’s reflection, I decided to go back to my photos and I found this picture of your favorite students setting up for PETCO park. It was pretty fun to set up for the event mainly because it was outside of class and it was something I’ve never really experienced before. Seeing all of the people that were really passionate towards science blew me away because I didn’t think that people were actually interested. Even though I didn’t go to the actual event on saturday, it was nice seeing all of the booths that were there. Besides that, I was also sad to not be able to go to the event because it rained in the morning and my parents didn’t want me to get sick.

With this in mind, I can hopefully apply the same passion and the same enthusiasm towards my PSA because seeing that this huge of an event was happening and people were actually going to attend it, I can try my best to make my PSA the best that I can!