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Counselling contract 2024
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 Counselling contract

Penny Annesley (Counsellor MSc BACP accred)


All our work together is confidential and I will not disclose any information about you to a third party without your consent, subject to the following exceptions:

Fees & times

Each counselling session is booked for 50 minutes and at present costs £65.

Payment to be made on the day of the session before the start of the session via BACs to account 85254415, sort code 089300, account name Penny Annesley. Or if an organisation is paying I will invoice on the day of each session and payment needs to be made within 14 days.

Fees are reviewed annually and I will give you four weeks notice in advance if I am increasing them.

Sessions last 50 minutes and are usually held weekly but can be fortnightly or as frequently as suits you depending on what works for you and your particular situation. If you prefer a fixed date and time that can be arranged or if you need a more flexible arrangement to fit in with childcare, work and finances, I will do my best to accommodate that.


Sessions are held in-person in Bishopston where parking is free and available and sessions are held in a peaceful garden cabin purpose built for therapy sessions.

If coming in person the address to come to is 181, Bishop Road, BS7 8NA.

I also hold sessions online using the whereby platform

And via facetime or whatsapp.


I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and follow GDPR guidelines about transparency and confidentiality with data recording.

I keep brief, factual notes recording the themes of our sessions. These are stored in a locked filing cabinet and I will only keep them for three years before destroying them, unless agreed otherwise. Appointment details and your contact details will be kept for seven years and then destroyed. Any emails, texts, Whatsapp messages or other communications will be deleted within three months. Your telephone number will be stored on my mobile phone under your initials or first name only until your sessions end, at which point it will be deleted. All paper notes will be confidentially shredded once no longer required.


If you are unable to make your appointment please let me know as soon as possible, with preferably 48 hours’ notice.

If less than 24 hours’ notice is given then I charge in full for that session.

I will also give you as much notice as possible whenever I will not be available.

Your agreement

Please sign below to indicate that you have read and accept the counselling contract.

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Your contact details

Full name :

Date of birth:

Telephone numbers:

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Address :

GP name and address:

Current medication:

Main reasons for coming for counselling:

What you hope to have achieved / changed by the end of the counselling: