1.        Purpose

Transportation for students shall be provided in accordance with law and Board policy.

2.        Authority

        SC 1361, 1362        Title 22

        Sec. 23.1, 23.2,                   23.4

The Board shall contract for school bus services for transportation of students to and from school at regularly scheduled hours and for field trips and extracurricular activities.

        SC 1362

        Title 67

        Sec. 447.1 et seq

The Board shall provide transportation for students living within the prescribed limits when walking conditions to the school are found to be hazardous by the Department of Transportation.

        SC 1361

The Board shall transport eligible resident students who are enrolled in nonpublic schools within the distance prescribed by law.

        SC 111

        Title 22

        Sec. 8.1 et seq

        23 Pa. C.S.A.

        Sec. 6301 et seq

A school bus driver shall not be employed until s/he has complied with the mandatory background check requirements for criminal history and child abuse and the contractor has evaluated the results of that screening process.

        35 P.S.

        Sec. 4601 et seq

The Board prohibits any diesel-powered motor vehicle weighing 10,001 pounds or more to idle for more than five (5) minutes in any continuous sixty-minute period while parked, loading or unloading, except as allowed by law.

        Title 67

        Sec. 212.101

The Board shall ensure that permanent signs, notifying drivers of the idling restrictions, are maintained on district property at locations where diesel-powered motor vehicles weighing 10,001 pounds or more load or unload. Signs shall also be posted at locations that provide fifteen (15) or more parking spaces for such diesel-powered motor vehicles.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The school bus driver shall be responsible for the discipline of students while they are being transported.

        Title 22

        Sec. 23.4

The principal may suspend a student from bus transportation for disciplinary reasons, and the parents/guardians shall be responsible for the student's transportation.

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible to:

        Title 22

        Sec. 23.4

        Pol. 121

  1. Establish administrative regulations that specify the number of chaperones to accompany students in connection with school-related activities and field trips.

        Title 22

        Sec. 23.4

  1. Prepare a district map or schedule indicating each bus stop and bus route.

        Title 22

        Sec. 23.1, 23.4

  1. Maintain records and make required reports regarding school transportation.

        Title 22

        Sec. 23.4

  1. Distribute rules governing student conduct during transport; such rules shall be binding on all students transported by the district.

Reports Of Employee Crimes/Child Abuse

District bus drivers and/or the district’s transportation contract carriers shall be responsible to inform the district in writing at the beginning of each school year whether or not they or any of their employees:

  1. Have been charged, subsequent to approval as a district bus driver, with a criminal offense that would bar their employment as bus drivers or contracted service providers.

        SC 111

  1. Were charged with a crime deemed serious under the criteria established by law.

  1. Have been charged with or convicted of crimes that affect their suitability to have direct contact with students.

        Pol. 304

This responsibility is in addition to the requirement for clearances that must be presented to the district when an individual is initially hired by the district or the contract carriers.

        Pol. 317

The district and contract carriers shall have procedures in place to ensure they are notified by their employees when the employees are charged with crimes or child abuse. The procedures shall also include the provision that the failure on the part of employees to make such a timely notification shall subject them to disciplinary action, including termination.

If any bus drivers have been charged as stated in this policy, the transportation contract carriers shall, in their written, yearly notification, include the name of the employee, nature of the offense, and the status of the disposition. The district will review this information to determine if the employee shall continue to transport district students.


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