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Agrees with ‘mini-hotel’ commentary
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Agrees with ‘mini-hotel’ commentary

EDITOR: I write regarding David Applebaum’s excellent commentary (“Mini-hotels are ruining neighborhoods,” Aug. 24). He suggests a moratorium should be imposed on Pacaso’s short-term occupancy scheme until the ramifications of their operations has been studied. I concur!

Co-owners of a Pacaso house are allowed stays from two to 14 days at a time, totaling 44 days a year. “Owners” have to make reservations in advance, compete for desired dates, face cancellation penalties, pay a monthly charge as well as annual fees, and have check in and check out times. Doesn’t this sound like a commercial hotel? Connect the dots.

Pacaso, the venture capitalist company disguised as an LLC and sold as a new model of fractionalized ownership, offers transient occupancy vacation stays. How is this not a timeshare? Pacaso is blatantly skirting all regulations and taxes that apply to vacation rentals.

Much to the neighbors’ (and voters’) frustrations, neither the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors nor the Permit and Resource Management Department have taken any action to limit Pacaso.

Be alert, as your neighborhood may be next for a Pacaso invasion. To learn the facts, go to

Nancy Gardner