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Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Oregon Sports Office Conference Room
6:00 p.m. to  7:05 p.m.




  • Present: Stephen Wright, Noel Tavan, Meg DuMez, Jacob Campbell, Mike Pagalan, Hal Brockman         
  • Excused: Randy Grant,  Alan Smith
  • Missing:  None


         Guests: Ashley Bucholz, Karen Peterson



  • Call to Order, Announcement, and Introductions

6:00 p.m.

6:01 p.m.

  •   Board Committee Reports (Consent Items)
  • Treasurer - Steve and Karen
  • P & L
  • Adjusted 2019 Year End P&L projects a $14K loss after subtracting $66K from revenue.  $66K represents the 2018 journal entries to post 2019 race event and future year membership revenues to 2019. This was done since 2019 revenues for 2020 and future years members are no longer being posted to following year. Otherwise ORRC would be reporting a “13th month”.
  • Balance Sheet
  • December 2019 balance sheet reflect a $13K increase over 2018, a reflection of the “13 months” unadjusted 2019 revenues.
  • QBO - in new business
  • Karen explained the new Quick Books financial reporting system.  Races will be compared against one another.  P&L and balance sheet will also appear in different format, beginning at February meeting.
  • Expensify will be utilized by purchasing ORRC supplies and services.  The software allows its users to photograph invoices, then automatically post against race event/program and cost element type. This will simplify and expedite reimbursement of personal funds and ORRC credit card usage.
  • Membership -
  • 851, up 3% - yes !
  • Race Operations
  • Y2K
  • Nothing out of the ordinary reported by our runners/walkers.
  • Insufficient financial data
  • Financials will be reported in February
  • Marketing/Social Media - Randy, Meg & Mike
  • Facebook membership is growing. Nothing new on Twitter or Instagram
  • Equipment - Hal
  • Received eight new tents with sides and propane heaters for winter race event use.  No more rentals.  Hooray.
  • Suggestion that tents used in rain not be folded completely, and left to dry in garage for at least seven days. Approved.

 6:02 p.m.


  • 2020 RRCA Convention Update - Steve
  • Still no word from Nike on Sunday race.
  • Working with RRCA on last minute educational session topics and presenters.
  • Guest speakers have not been announced.
  • Gained 17 Hilton Hotel volunteers last week. Need 17 more.  Issue FB announcements with link
  • Steve to check with RRCA regarding ORRC board member 2020 RRCA convention registration fees.

      6:20 p.m.

  •  2020 ORRC Budget
  • Noel Tavan suggested, and approved that board members email questions to Steve regarding future 2020 budget questions by Friday, January 24.  Then 2020 approval will be sought by email to board before the February meeting.
  • Matrix provided that show, notwithstanding any changes, it would take approximately 24 more registrations per race throughout the year to return ORRC to profitable position.  This factor doesn’t include that fixed cost would reduce the 24 to a lower number.
  • Jacob and Alan were to present July 4th cost matrix.  Postponed to February meeting.
  • Presented to board that ORRC 10K to marathons distance race events are priced 10 to 14% less than Portland competition, a less price sensitive situation. Turkey Trot is $8 (26% higher) than competition.  50k is $33 less (22% less).  Overall consensus is not adjust Turkey Trot and look at other races for possible increased rates.  Consideration not given to 10K and half marathon series program pricing.  

    6:23 p.m.

  • 2020 board member term extensions
  • The board terms of Alan Smith, Meg DuMez, Noel Tavan, Randy Grant and Hal Brockman were extended, approved by the board, and based on their term length

   6:32 p.m.

  • Highlight included:
  • Announce future price increases
  • 24% of all registrations occur in the final week
  • 27% registrations in last three days before price increase or registration closing

 6:37 p.m.



  • Elect new Treasurer  
  • Karen Peterson was elected Treasurer, replace Dave Cook who served two years as interim Treasurer.  Thanks to Dave for his able assistance during those two years.

   6:40 p.m

  • QBO overhaul - Karen Peterson
  • Already discussed above

    6:43 p.m

  •  Race Event Profitability - Steve
  • 8 ORRC race events have been dropped since 1993.  This matters when considering continuation of race - race longevity is only one consideration when considering continuing a race into the future.  
  • Discussed postponed till February meeting

     6:50 p.m.

  •  2020 Annual Banquet Awards - Jan 26th
  • Enlisting help for 3-7 pm?
  • Need more help.  Thanks .

      6:55 p.m. 

ROUND TABLE          

      7:00 p.m.

  • Steve - 2020 ORRC budget pays for all board members to attend the RRCA convention.  Board members are expected to attend.


      7:05 p.m.