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School Colors:  Royal Blue and Gold

Principal:  Shirrie Jackson

Assistant Principal:  Jim Calhoun

Assistant Principal:  Jay Hancock

Assistant Principal:  Cathryn Peterson

Activities Director: Jared Severson

3730 Toledo Avenue North

Robbinsdale, MN 55422

Main Office Phone:                        763-504-4800

Activities Director Phone:                763-504-4840


Activities Information

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At Robbinsdale Middle School (RMS) students may choose to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities including programs in athletics, fine arts, service and academics.  These activities provide excellent experience in learning teamwork, leadership development, social growth, team spirit and respect for others.  We invite you to encourage your student to participate in as many activities as their abilities and time allow.


With the opportunity to participate in school activities comes the responsibility of behaving appropriately while involved in them.  RMS students are expected to behave in a respectful and responsible manner toward their teammates, school staff and coaches.  Students need to act appropriately while in the locker room, during practice and games, on the activity buses and anytime they represent RMS at any event.  School equipment and personal property of others are to be treated with respect.

Academic and Behavioral Eligibility

Prior to students participating in any activity, grades will be checked from the previous term.   Students failing more than one class in the term immediately before the season, will not be allowed to participate. Students are expected to have passing grades in all classes to be fully eligible to participate in any activity (excluding Targeted Services). During the season, students need to be passing all classes. Current grades and progress will be monitored by every coach and activity leader.  Any participant who has a failing grade will only be allowed to practice, but may not participate in games until the failing grade has improved.

Participation and proper behavior at school is expected of all students. If an after school participant is suspended from school, they will be suspended from participating in their after school activity. Students who receive suspension and are involved in after school athletics will not be allowed to resume participation for the remainder of that season. Students involved in year-long, or special session, after school activities may be allowed to resume participation upon meeting with the activity’s supervisor and the activities director.

Activity Bus

Activity buses are provided for students who participate in after school activities.  Buses depart from the front door at 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  Routes are posted in the front hall.  All activity routes are planned to provide transportation within a reasonable distance of a student’s home.  

Students are to behave in a respectful and responsible manner on activity buses or the following will happen:

1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: Suspension for a specified time

3rd offense: Removal from the team and loss of activity bus priveleges

Students not riding the activity bus must be picked up right after practices or games.  They are not allowed to wait for long periods of time, because there is no supervision available after hours.   Failure to make arrangements for pick up may result in disciplinary action or loss of the student’s place on the team.


Activities for 2017-18

There are four components to the activity program at RMS:

1. Interscholastic Athletics

These sports are offered for 7th and 8th graders.  The sports offered are boys soccer, girls volleyball, boys wrestling, boys and girls basketball, and boys and girls track. 6th graders may participate in wrestling only.

2. Cooper High School Cooperative Athletics

7th and 8th graders can participate on select Cooper teams.  These are sports not directly offered at our middle school level and meant to give students the high school sports experience.  This year, those sports will include girls soccer, girls and boys tennis, girls and boys swimming, girls and boys cross country, and girls and boys golf.  Students who play on a Cooper team can ride a shuttle  from RMS at 3:00 p.m. to the practice location.  Students can then take home the activity bus from CHS at 5:10 p.m.  The fee for these sports will be the same as the athletics offered at RMS.

All 7th and 8th graders can also try out for Cooper’s varsity teams.  If they make the varsity team, they would need to pay the high school fee and abide by CHS and MSHSL rules.  Any RMS student who lives in the AHS attendance area can join the AHS Cooperative teams as long as they can provide a ride to AHS after school  Please check with AHS for sports offered.

3. Activities—Year round and special sessions

These activities are open to all students and include All District Band, Destination Imagination, Beatz & Mindz, Math Club, Multicultural Club, Spring Musical, National Junior Honor Society, Newspaper, REBMAHC Orchestra, Student Council, Team McDaniel, Select Choir, Yearbook, and Video Crew.

4. Targeted Services

Targeted Services (ALC) offers 2 days a week (either M/W or T/TH) of academic support paired with an interest focus. Students who wish to be a part of this program need to complete an application including a parent signature, which will ask them for a focus area that they would be interested in being involved in. Students in this program will spend approximately half the time on academics and the other half of the time on the exploratory or focus topic of their group.  Some focus topics we have had in the past are: arts and crafts, physical fitness, team games, community service, yoga, knitting, cooking, poetry, book clubs, board games, card clubs, technology, business management, etc. The philosophy and purpose of this program is to provide students with additional academic support outside of the normal regular school hours while offering experiences in student's interest areas that will build community, belonging and self esteem.



RMS has a four season athletic program, which coincides with our four academic quarters. This format gives students an opportunity to participate in more athletic activities and uses our facility more efficiently. The four seasons are Fall, Winter I, Winter II, and Spring.

FALL - QUARTER 1                                                GRADES

Boys Soccer                                                                7, 8

Girls Volleyball                                                        7, 8

CHS - Boys/Girls Cross Country                                        7, 8

CHS - Girls Soccer                                                        7, 8

CHS - Girls Swimming (@ Sandburg)                                7, 8

CHS - Girls Tennis                                                        7, 8


Girls Basketball                                                        7, 8

Boys Wrestling                                                        6, 7, 8

CHS - Boys Swimming                                                7, 8


Boys Basketball                                                        7, 8


Boys and Girls Track                                                7, 8

CHS - Boys/Girls Golf                                                7, 8

CHS - Boys Tennis                                                        7, 8


Fall                        Sept. 6 - Oct. 26

Winter I                Nov. 6 - Jan. 11

Winter II                Jan. 15 - Mar. 8

Spring                        Apr. 3 - May 24


Athletic Fees

The School Board requires an activity fee to help offset part of the cost of athletics.  The fee is $46 for all middle school sports.  Other activities and clubs, arts groups and service groups may have various fees of a reasonable amount.  Families have a yearly district maximum of $700.  Once that amount has been reached for the family, no further fees will be charged for the school year.

Students who receive free and/or reduced lunches will pay half of the activity fee,  Students who have paid the fee and subsequently withdraw may apply for a refund.  However, refunds are not given after the first contest in a sport or if the student has outstanding fines.  Uniforms not returned must be paid for by the student.

Classic Conference Website

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