MLA - Resource guide

Created by English Section at Ecole secondaire catholique L’Escale


University of Ottawa:

Owl Purdue:

This style guide is created as a reference, based on MLA 8th edition.  Always ask your teacher what format they want and what specific elements they are evaluating.

Also, this refers to essay writing while research papers usually maintain chicago style.  Please refer to the following for that information:



Student Name                                                                Last name page number


Mme Cynthia Gravelle

January 24th, 2018

                                Title of work (avoid using the work Essay)


In text sourcing:

When quoting a novel, simply use quotation marks, refer to author and page number in parentheses after quotation marks.  Punctuation, if a period, is placed after parenthesis.   “The Monster began speaking with me” (Shelley 32).

If a question or exclamation mark is used, keep inside quotation marks and add period after parentheses.

Work Cited:

on separate page at the end of your essay.  You must source all outside references.  If you use more than what you simply quoted, this last page becomes a bibliography.

Alphabetical order.

Recommendation: use


For essay formatting, we refer students to the Student Services at Ottawa U.