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Science 7


Kathleen Lynch


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Course Description

The seventh grade science program is designed to present scientific concepts through an integrated approach with emphasis on the following four areas:

(1) organisms; (2) genetics; (3) earth; and (4)environment. While knowledge of content is being developed, students will be engaged in real-life, hands-on and cooperative activities that encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. Through these activities students utilize technology, information, and other tools while participating in investigations, explorations, and discovery learning. Throughout the learning process, students develop career planning and workplace readiness skills, demonstrate self-management skills, and apply safety principles.


Course Expectations and Assessments

Assessment focuses both on the cognitive skills of conceptual understanding, history of science and systems, and the process skills of problem solving, mathematics, and technology. Evaluation appears in several formats: unit tests, quizzes, performance tasks, projects, and laboratory experiences.

MP1: Structure and Properties of Matter Benchmark

         Life Jacket Design Project

         Interactions of Matter Benchmark

MP2: Synthetic Material Research Project

        Chemical Reactions Benchmark

        Reptile Egg Incubator Design

MP3: Structure and Function Benchmark

        Cell Analogy Project

        Body Systems Project

MP4: Inheritance and Variation of Traits Benchmark

        Organization of Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms Benchmark

       Geologic Time Scale Project


 Course Policies

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Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

We always encourage students and parents to communicate any questions. Email is the fasted way to answer questions, but if a phone call is needed, please email with a phone number and time to call.