Earl Molander

Marine Monday Alumni:

Earl is from the MHS Class of 1959.  He has many fond memories of his years at MHS.  The most dominant one is having his father for math classes three years.  His demands for high performance, and the competition with my brother, Roger, Don Gerend, and others to score highest on his math tests is one thing he remembers the most!  He also remembers the manner of dress of the mid-late 50s, dances after basketball games, pink slips and hall monitors, sporting events as fan and participant, and "non-participant" sitting on the bench in my junior and senior year in both football and basketball. The last one is something he subsequently has come to believe was crucial to his eventual professional and vocational successes.  Earl is currently retired but had served as a Professor, School of Business, Portland State University and Executive Director, Free Market Business Development Institute.  To learn more about Earl, please view his accompanying video. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO