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2021 Genesis Series Brine Buddy
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2021 Genesis Series Brine Buddy

User Manual

Fill the stainless mixing hopper with salt. Each 300 gallon batch will require 684lbs of salt. The hopper will not hold that much salt, thus you will have to keep filling the hopper as the salt dissolves.


There are two options for filling with water:

  1. Garden Hose Fill

  1. 2” Camlock Fill Point

These valve positions will allow you to draw water from a separate storage tank with the pump on the Brine Buddy


Valves in the following positions:


Valves in the following positions


Air purge system allows you to clear out the lines of the fill hose to reduce spillage before disconnecting the fill hose. Connect to your own shop air supply.

Stainless steel mesh filter inside this housing. Clean as needed.

You can also use the pump on the brine maker to draw additives from a storage tank and into your truck sprayer.

Valves in the following position: