#207 - Into the Nexus: “A Million Ways to Clash in the West”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Top of the show

5/5 in placements. Diamond 3. Gameplay was fine. As predicted, packed full of awful voice chat experiences.

No one is talking in Unranked anymore. Game quality has drastically decreased.


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HGC Western Clash

The Finals

Some great examples of playing from behind.

G1 of the Finals was incredible.

Uh, G2 was incredible too?

G3 - Dig comes back



But did people watch it?

“The HGC is underwatched because the average Heroes of the Storm climate is so casual that it's essentially a different game from what's happening in the HGC. “

“If I enjoy playing casually with off-meta heroes like Murky, what incentive do I have to watch HGC? I'll never see my favorite heroes or strategy styles represented there.”

“Moreover, in games like DOTA or League, where strategy is to "hypercarry", players can watch and learn tips and tricks on how to win and advance in ranks based on what strategies and techniques are used to level up or hold lanes. They watch tournaments and see stellar feats that they can replicate in their own games. The same does not hold as true for HotS because in quick match (once again I reiterate, the most popular game mode by far), the likelihood of having to adapt to strange circumstances you would simply never see in the HGC makes it a completely different game.”


Update on Ranked Player Distribution

RayzeLx asked Blizz on the Heroes subreddit for an update on League Distribution mentioning that the team hasn’t released stats since Season 1.

BlizzTravis obliged:

We updated it after season 1 (or 2? ...a while ago). I don't have a pretty graph handy, but the breakdown by percentage of players is...

Edit: I should note, those are the targets. Actual numbers vary a bit as the season goes on (for example, hardcore players tend to place earlier than more casual players), but roughly fall in line with that over time.

If 77% of the playerbase is gold and below? Why ranked rewards?

New Season and Patch Impact


Undocumented Sonya Change

Life Funnel was moved from level 13 to level 7. The functionality remains the same, increasing the healing from Whirlwind by 40%. Against a single hero, this represents 264.6 added healing over the 3s duration of Whirlwind, a substantial buff to Sonya’s team fight survivability.

Sonya’s block talent is currently bugged against quick auto attacks like Tracer and Tassadar. The block charges are not removed.

Kel'thuzad might be suffering from a bug that doesn't let you chain off of buildings.

Without Malthael to keep new Sonya down, Thrall surges in popularity

Trait Quests

Ana Dev Comments:

Developer Comment: While Ana’s current win-rate is sitting above most other Healers, and North of 50%, we have made some changes to make her feel more meaningful in solo-Support compositions. Along with the addition to self-sustain through Shrike, we also took the opportunity to do some Talent balancing as well. While there are no major outliers in terms of win-rate, she definitely has some Talents that are overshadowing others in terms of pick-rates. We have tried to address the majority of these to hopefully open up some new strategic choices for Ana players. We really enjoyed the changes internally, and we’re excited to see what players can do with them.

Tons of Bug Fixes:

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Im a silver league player and have been having a real hard time breaking into gold. I have a solid 55% win rate and generally play heroes such as butcher, tracer, lili and varian. I was speaking with one of my diamond friends about which heroes work best for my league and he told “oh just burst them down, as much damage as fast as possible, try the mages”. So i started working on my Jaina and over the last 20 games with her I am 17 - 3. What would you guys says is the best hero (or play style)  to progress through each league? My friends advice of “look for the person out of position and destroy them” has worked wonderfully.


So this week I've learned just how hellish MMR hell is. I'm a plat 1 player in hero league, my gf placed in sil 2 this season and honestly I thought she deserved a higher placement so I played some games for her. 11 games later I'm only 6:5 . I literally just had a game where I topped hero damage and siege damage while spending most of the game 2 levels down and ending up 3 levels down as Probius. Granted damage was spread around but is it too much to ask for some finishing power on the team (the stitches kept saving enemies/killing the team by randomly hooking garrosh into the team)? If I instead play finisher I end up in games where there are no opportunities to finish on and no support.

Like I think performance based mmr probably creates some bad incentives and is difficult to implement, but there needs to be something that rewards individual skill in the game other than just being able to improve win rate to 55%


I have a quick question about Hero League points. I can't remember the exact terminology but there's supposed to be points awarded to you if you contribute to the match. When I win I max out at 200 points. When I lose I usually loses 203 or 204. Does this mean I am garbage and not contributing enough? Thank you for making a wonderfully fun and informative podcast. I have improved immensely thanks to you two.


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